Sunday, September 14, 2014

New York City Day 5!

Our last day in NYC started off with a good old French breakfast from Bouchon Bakery. We got the yummiest eclairs that took us back to our time spent in Paris when Nate and I would stop at every pastry shop that we saw, and I ate so much rich food that I think I got an ulcer....anyway, Nate got a chocolate eclair and I got a blueberry mascarpone cheese eclair. We also got some quiche and some fresh squeezed orange juice. Yum!

Levain Bakery is known for their cookies. It is a cute little bakery shop that is hidden in a basement of a building and if you blink you will miss it. We tried two of their cookies- chocolate chip walnut and chocolate peanut butter chip. We now know why they are famous for their cookies! Yum!

When we were on the subway, we ran into the elders! Of course we started chatting and they told us they are serving in Chinatown and are Mandarin speaking missionaries. One was from China and one was from Utah. They seemed to be having a rough day so we invited them to go get lunch with us, on us. They took us to an authentic Chinese restaurant in Chinatown that they like. My potstickers were amazing and everyone else loved their ramen bowls and meats. It was so fun to sit down with them and talk about how the missionary work is going in NYC. I always love hanging out with missionaries because it brings me back to my mission 5 years ago in New England. It makes me miss that life of constant service in the gospel and only be concerned about helping and teaching other people about Jesus Christ instead of worrying about normal life pressures and responsibilities. I really miss it. I am glad we ran into them that day. We blessed them with a free meal but they blessed us even more with their spirit, stories, and testimonies. 
Going to 911 memorial was a humbling, and quite depressing experience. It was great to see the new tower that they built to feel that American pride. What got me the most was all the names of the people who died that were written around the outside of the previous buildings that are now giant fountains. Seeing all of those names and realizing that they are real people in that building and on those is just so sad. So many people lost! I remember that day, the moment I heard the terrible news, and the feelings of sadness and fear rushing over me.

We caught the ferry that goes from Manhattan over to Staten Island to see the Statue of Liberty. The weather was perfect and it was a beautiful day for a ferry ride. And even better, it was free! It was fun seeing the Statue of Liberty as well as the gorgeous view of the New York skyline on this fun tour. 

Until next time New York! 

Hopefully we will see you again soon! 

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