Friday, September 12, 2014

New York City Day 4!

Day 4 in NYC was mostly spent standing in line......

Nate and I are pros at getting cheap tickets to expensive theater. In London, we would get cheap tickets for 5, 10, and 15 pounds each so we were able to see a ton of theater! Being students also helped and permanently living there to go during the down times like January and February also was a bonus. 

We wanted to get cheap tickets to see Aladdin so we heard about the lottery drawing. What you do is go to the theater 2 hours before the show starts and put your name in a drawing. They give away 20 $30 tickets each night which is a steal when regular tickets are $200 a seat. So we went to the Aladdin theater 3 different times and put our names in the drawing and waited. Sadly, we never got called. There were just too many people there doing the same thing that we were doing. At least we tried!

So we went the 2nd route to getting cheap tickets. We wanted to see Newsies as well so we put the time in and got 2 tickets for $30 each. We got to the theater super early and waited in line. The first 20 people in line get the cheap tickets. When we got there at 7:50 there were already 2 people waiting. So we sat ourselves down on the sidewalk outside of the theater, made ourselves comfy and waited for 3 1/2 hours. Nate wasn't too happy about it, but hey! We got cheap tickets! We thought we only had to wait until 10:30, but we were wrong. They opened at 11:30 so we had to wait a little longer than planned. But I say, it is totally worth it. Nate left for a while to go find us some breakfast. He came back with these super yummy NYC bagels from a famous bagel shop with warm cream cheese. They definitely hit the spot and made waiting in line a bit more bearable. But boy did we get close seats! We were in row D on the right and then at intermission moved to row B in the center. 

The dancing in the show was incredible. If you have seen the Disney movie version of Newsies you might understand how the dancing would be in the live show. Wow! All of these guys up there doing flips here, and turns there, lifts and tumbling, everything you could imagine. There wasn't a boring second in the show! I even got emotional at the end because the dancing was just so touching and so dang good! I didn't want it to stop!

National History Musuem
The Manhattan LDS Church Building and Manhattan Temple

Going to church there was a really neat experience. Here you are right in the middle of Manhattan and surrounded by all the business and craziness and NYC brings. Then right on the corner where people walk by every day, there is the LDS church. It is so hidden and you don't even realize it is a church until you look up and see the lettering on the building. And what is even more amazing about it is that this is where the Manhattan temple is too! You walk in the doors and to the right is the stairs up to the church area and to the left and right in front of you is the temple entrance. They even have the Moroni statue on top! It was such a testimony to me when I walked in those doors that day. Outside I felt stressed and rushed and as soon as I walked in the door I felt peaceful. It was so quiet and calm in there. It was like the world stopped for just a bit. In the chapel during sacrament meeting, the windows are covered with drapes so you can't see out. You wouldn't even guess that you are in the middle of NYC. It seemed like a regular chapel in there completely quiet and reverent. It was nice to have a break from the business and remember what is important in life. Plus, I saw three people there that I knew! Some friends from London and a girl from one of my classes at BYU! I am grateful that I can travel literally anywhere in the world and go to the same church with the same doctrine every Sunday, and know that Christ's church is the same no matter where you are. 

The rest of our day was full of food and looking around. I already talked about my love for gourmet mac and cheese....well we found another awesome restaurant that was under the "Talk of the Town" section on Urban Spoon. It is called "S'Mac" and it is so yum. It is a whole restaurant centered around mac and cheese. We got the sampler platter to share honestly because we couldn't decide to what kinds to get. With the sampler, you get to try a little bit of everything. They even gave us a paper and tells you which kinds are in which sections. Yum! I am in love with this little place.

And for dessert we went with an authentic Italian gelato place called, Grom. The people working there are Italian with strong Italian accents. Their gelato is made strictly from organic and local products. It was heavenly and so fresh. Yum!

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