Wednesday, September 10, 2014

New York City Day 3!

Day 3 in NYC we went on a new adventure. We got on the subway to leave Manhattan for the day and said hello to Brooklyn! I am so glad we did! Brooklyn is such a fun place to visit. There is so much going on there especially on the weekends. It is a fantastic place to people watch. You never know what you are going to see! We luckily found out about this "Smorgasburg" going on and it was AMAZING.
Nate and I travel for food. We are always researching and finding out the best places to eat the most unique and gourmet foods wherever we go. The Smorgasburg was amazing. It is full of young, hip NYC chefs that are trying to make it in the real world. They are trying to make it big and open up a store front in the city. It is this huge space full of 100 gourmet food trucks with every type of food that you could ever dream of. Some of the ideas and foods that they were making were so creative and unique. It was so fun!
I have always been a sucker for grilled cheese sandwiches and mac and cheese. But not just the regular old boring kid kinds with white bread and cheddar and some macaroni from a Kraft box....I like grilled cheese and mac and cheese that has a grown up twist to it, with a gourmet exciting edge. When I saw the Milk Truck, I knew that it had my name written all over it. They were selling my three favorite things! Grilled Cheese, Mac and Cheese and Cold Shakes. Good thing I'm not lactose intolerant! The lines were so long but it was well worth the wait. My sandwich had baked granny smith apples on it with a mix of gruyere, brie, and parmesan cheese, with a rosemary and herb sourdough bread toasted perfectly. I was in grilled cheese heaven. Nate on the other hand went to some other food trucks, ones with a bit more meat. He found a BBQ place that looked awesome so he stood in a huge line and waited patiently for his turn to sink his teeth into his sandwich. We also got some fresh squeezed maple lemonade, and a nutella, chocolate ice cream sandwich. We were very impressed with a place that had the biggest line of all, Ramen Burger. We didn't think it was worth the wait but I still snagged a picture. They make burgers out of compacted ramen noodles for the bun. Pretty genius I must say. Of course there were lots of ice cream places, even vegan ice cream places, fire grilled pizza places, homemade natural popsicles, and lots of shaved ice where they are scraping the ice right there in front of you from a big ice block. Nate and I both wished we had 3 stomachs each because everything was so dang good and we wanted to try everything!

After lunch, we went over to a limited time art exhibit in the Domino's Sugar Factory. This factory is closing down. Instead of just closing the doors and calling it done, an artist decided to make an art exhibit out of it from sugar for people to come and see. She sculpted statues made 100% out of brown sugar. They are supposed to depict the sugar factory workers. What is crazy out it is that every day the museum art pieces change little by little because they are slowly melting away in the hot summer heat. Some statues have already crumbled to the ground. As soon as all the statues have collapsed, the art exhibit will close. I am glad that we were there when it was going on!

They also made a giant woman statue out of white sugar! 100% white sugar! It is shockingly huge as you can see in the pictures. It really was unlike anything that I have ever seen. Very artsy. And there is a little kinda gross surprise from the back view....

And of course no trip is complete without a visit to my absolute favorite place....Laduree! It brought back memories of London and Paris....sigh. We tried some new flavors but mostly stuck to our two top favorite ones- raspberry and salted carmel.
We walked through Grand Central Station, took some Taxi rides, and did some window shopping to all the high end stores. Christian Louboutin is now my new favorite shoe designer and when Nate is a rich Lawyer one day, I am going to buy myself a pair of his heels! :) 

We ended the day with some glorious Thai food. We went to Sea Thai and it was so good. We got some spring rolls, curry and coconut rice, and a fun bubble drink. My taste buds are salivating right now just thinking about it!

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