Tuesday, September 9, 2014

New York City Day 2!

Day 2 in New York City went MUCH more smoothly than Day 1. 
No car being towed, no parking or towing tickets.....just a regular, normal, fun day! Yay! 

We started off the day by going to The Met Musuem of Art. Lots of fun things to see here. It reminded us a lot of The British Museum in London that we went to all the time when we lived there.   The funny thing is they give, "recommended" prices to get in of $25.00 a person. But these are just recommended prices, and you really can just pay whatever you want to get in. It's almost like they are taking advantage of the foreigners and non-English speakers who don't know the English word, "recommended." Nate and I paid our $1.00 each, and walked right in. We are used to all the museums being free in London and D.C, so to us, it seemed crazy to even have to pay anything to get in. 

On the top floor of the Met they have the rooftop that you can walk out on. They have drinks and food for sale and nice grass to sit on. But the best part is the awesome view! 

For lunch we got the famous NYC ramen noodle bowls. Nate got pork and I got veggie. Yum!
I got a kick out of this walk up McDonald's Window. You can find anything in times square!

That night we went home and hung out and played games with Jon and Kat. Did you know that you can get pretty much any food delivered to your house in NYC? Take out places are everywhere! So we ordered some Indian and Thai food. It came so fast and it was so convenient. Yum! 

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