Thursday, September 18, 2014

Huckleberry Picking!

Have you ever had a huckleberry? If not, you are missing out!  They are similar to a blueberry but smaller and a darker purple color. My sister Mindy, Camron, Kiley, and Cade invited me to go huckleberry picking with them back in July. We enjoyed Kiley's homemade Italian Sodas on the drive up too. :)

One of the reasons why I love North Idaho so much is the free reign of huckleberry picking up in the mountains! It is just so amazing to me that you can drive up a little ways, go into the mountains, and everywhere you see these bushes plum full of little purple berries that you can enjoy! It is amazing to realize all the things that Heavenly Father has created for our enjoyment while we are here on earth. He created such yummy fruits and vegetables that grow for us to eat. The huckleberry is one of his best creations I would say! And the best part is they are free! The land is government owned so anyone is allowed to go and pick them. Every little berry is like gold because these suckers sell for $50 a gallon! They are quite expensive because they really take forever to pick. But of course we didn't sell our berries. We made them into pie, cobbler, pancakes, and smoothies. Yum!

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