Saturday, August 2, 2014

Which Cheesesteak Sandwich is Best?

Who likes cheesesteaks? Nate and I do! We recently went to Philadelphia and went on a cheesesteak run. Gino's and Pat's are the two cheesesteak rivals. Nate and I decided to take the challenge and settle the debate of who has the better sandwich. We went to Pat's first to give it a try. 
Then we headed across the street, yes, just across the street, to Gino's. We saw the same customers eating at both places. I think most people try both sandwiches when they are in town to see which is better. We aren't the only crazy foodies around! We got another sandwich to split. 

The Verdict:

While both sandwiches were good, Pat's was definitely the better sandwich. Nate and I both agreed. The only thing that Gino's has over Pat's is their flashy exterior and look of the building that makes it feel more inviting to go to. But at Pat's, the sandwich rocked. The meat was chopped up finer giving each bit more flavor. At Gino's, the meat was in big chunks, making it harder to eat and less flavorful. Also, the all round flavor of the cheese whiz and sandwich as a whole was better at Pat's than at Gino's. Pat's is the winner! If we ever get back to Philly, we will be going to Pat's. 

We have been in Coeur d' Alene Idaho for most of the summer visiting family. When I told my parents about going to Gino's and Pat's while in Philly, they told us that we needed to go to, "The Best Sandwich Shack," on Best Ave in CDA. Mom swore that they were the best and could take Pat's and Gino's any day. We thought she was crazy. A lot of reviews online agreed with mom though and said that they have tried both and really like the one in CDA. So we had to try it to compare!

Nate thought The Best Sandwich Shack was really good. He said that it indeed was comparable to Pat's and that it was better than Gino's. He liked the bread roll at Pat's better though than the one here. But all in all, we thought that the locals in Idaho did a pretty good job at being comparable to the big guns in Philly. 

Yay for sandwiches and good food!

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