Tuesday, August 5, 2014

New York City Day 1!

Before heading home to Coeur d' Alene for the summer, Nate and I wanted to squeeze in a road trip up to New York City. Nate's friends, Jon and Kat, live in NYC right now and graciously let us stay at their place. We rented a car and headed up to NYC, stopping in Philly on the way for cheesesteaks. We arrived around midnight and I went inside while Nate went to find parking in the pouring rain. He found a spot pretty close to the apartment which he felt very lucky for. There weren't any "no parking" warning signs, and there were other people parking in front and back of him. He thought he was safe....

The next morning, we found out some bad news....our car had been towed! And to make things worse, it wasn't even our car, but a rental that needed to be returned that day at 1:30! It sure made our first day in NYC start off with a bang.....a horrible nightmare type of bang. We spent the whole first morning trying to figure out how to get our car back, pay the towing fee and return it before 1:30 to avoid getting charged another day's rental fee. We had to go to the rental car place and print off a paper to prove that we rented that car, then take a long bus ride to pay for the towing fee...$180.00. Ouch. Then we had to go across Manhattan for about 45 min to the towing lot (which was completely full!) and get our car, and then drop off our rental car by 1:30 to the rental car company. Not to mention, we also got a $80.00 parking ticket. Double Ouch. It was awful and made us hate NYC and want to go home. But we got it figured out and were finally on our way to the fun stuff by mid afternoon. What a day!
For lunch we went to Lombardi's Pizza which is the first pizza place in the United States. It was very yummy and tasted amazing especially after not eating anything the whole day. Little Italy is right next to Lombardi's. Lots of fun Italian restaurants and bakeries to explore and look at.
Momofuku Milk Bar is a yummy place to visit. My brother Jeremy who travels to NYC a lot recommended it. We got the "crack pie" and the "cereal milk." The crack pie is supposedly as good as crack and as addictive too that you just can't stop eating it. It was more like a cookie bar than a pie and it was pretty dang addictive. The cereal milk tasted like the last few gulps of milk that you drink from the bowl after your cereal is gone, but in a cold glass bottle. 
The Flatiron Building is cool to see for its unique shape. The triangular architecture is amazing! And this cool display was near the Rockefeller Center. This guy has flowers all over him!

Central park was breathtaking and huge! I was floored at how massive it is! It just kept going and going forever and ever. There are bridges with ponds, and lakes, and fountains. Nate and I were exhausted from the day so we found a quiet place and laid down on the grass and took a nap. It was so relaxing and fun to people watch.
The Lego store is always cool. Every type and color of Legos that you could ever want! 

And of course, no trip to NYC is complete without a trip to Times Square. There is so much to see and do here! It is so crowded with people and taxis, and craziness everywhere. We got to try some "pie in a jar" that people were handing out for free. We saw a girl get captured by the police and handcuffed. We saw some girls that looked like they were wearing bikinis with big feather hats but when you got closer you realized that their bikinis were just painted on their bodies and they were actually completely naked. You never know what you are going to see in NYC that's for sure! Never a dull moment!

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