Monday, July 28, 2014

Last Days in DC!

 Our last days in DC were spent doing some fun things downtown together. We wanted to soak up all that DC had to offer before leaving to CDA for the summer. So we went to the zoo. The Washington DC zoo is amazing! And what makes it even better is that it is free to the public. This is the first zoo where I didn't feel sorry for the animals in the exhibits. They had a beautiful set up and it felt like they were roaming around in their natural habitats. Plus, with the overcast weather, all the animals were very lively and running around in their pens, interacting, and making cool noises. It was so much fun to watch them in their element!

The lion there was the most cool lion that I have ever seen. It was so majestic and regal looking. It almost looked fake. Nate and I couldn't stop staring at it. Every once in a while it would yawn and show its teeth. We also saw some pandas and the new baby panda that was born this year named, "Bao Bao." I had never seen a real panda before because they are practically extinct! What a fun day!

We also had to take one last stop for cupcakes in Georgetown before we left for good. We hit up Sprinkles cupcakes and Baked and Wired. We enjoyed a lemon blueberry cupcake called "Smurfette," and a brown butter maple cupcake with candied bacon on top called, "Flapjack," from Baked and Wired. You have to tell them you want it "porked" if you want candied bacon on top. :) We also got a key lime pie cupcake from Sprinkles that was fresh and divine.

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