Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Murder Mystery Party

So I have this friend that has a knack for throwing parties.
She is like the party queen. 
She seriously should write a book or be a party planner or something along those lines!
Her name is Kate, but we should really call her, Kate and Great,
because she is great at what she does!
Amazing actually.

She threw this amazing Murder Mystery party at her house and let me tell you, it was somethin. 
She transformed her whole house into a 20's Juice Joint. The decorations, the food, the 20's pictures projected onto the living room wall, the costumes, the handouts, the table decorations, the juice bar, the different labels around labeling all the different rooms in the house. She went all out. She even took mug shots of everyone and gave out prizes at the end for the best actor, best costume and the person who guessed the murderer. 

Nate was reluctant to dress up as his character, Hal Hollywood, the movie film director, but he ended up doing it for me because he knew it would make me happy. I knew that he must really love me because I knew that he was completely out of his comfort zone. Now, that's a good husband!

My character was Dina Diva, the Juice Joint singer, and I was trying to get Hal (Nate) to cast me in his next movie. I went with a turquoise theme, lots of fancy makeup, and fish net tights.

It was a super fun night but a little awkward staying in character the whole time. Sometimes I didn't want to break character so I wouldn't talk to people about normal stuff but then I didn't know what to talk about in character, so I would just not talk. :) There were a few awkward moments of silence at times but oh well! It was super fun figuring out who the murderer was and trying to piece together different clues. 

The food was amazing too. The menu was: caprese kabobs, bruschetta, garlic knot rolls, Italian salad, penne pasta with veggies, meatballs with red sauce, chocolate covered strawberries, cream puffs, macaroons, and cheesecake. Plus, they were serving glass bottled cokes and Shirley Temples at the "bar," that were super yummy. She even had chocolates around the room in candy bowls. I'm telling you, she thought of everything.

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