Thursday, January 23, 2014

Mmmm! Veggies!

I have been loving the snow days in January.
It is the best surprise ever for a teacher to have the day off when you aren't expecting it.
There are so many things that I always want to do but never get around to it because teaching takes over my life. So everything gets pushed to the side expect for my job most days until the weekend when I have some time to accomplish other things on my list. It is really quite exhausting. 

But with the snow days I have lots of time to do one of my favorite things!

I am in love with our Norwalk juicer. I feel so healthy when I am using it and I love being able to put so many good nutritious veggies into my body. I am actually fascinated with fruits and vegetables and how they each have different vitamins and good things that they do for your body. It is amazing to me how they just grow on the earth just for humans to consume and be healthy. God really did think of everything didn't he! He created all of these amazing plants and foods for us that will keep us healthy while we are here on Earth. Pretty amazing to me. 

So the first juice that I made today was called Deep Carrot Cleanser. 
It included kale, beets, carrots, celery, and apples. 
Here is a picture of all of the produce to start out before the juicing begins. 
 Here are all of those same ingredients but already ground up and ready to juice. After you grind it, you put it into the juicing cloth and fold it into a square. Then you place it in the juicing part of the machine.
 As the juicing bags are pressed, juice starts to flow out of the bags and into the container.
 It is amazing how much juice comes out! 
 When you take the juiced bags out, here is what the puree looks like now.
 It is completely dry! All of the liquid has been removed from it.
 It peels off the cloth easily and goes into the trash. 
 And here is the finished product! Yum! Some of you might think, sick, beet juice? But really, it is actually really good. Promise. It is really sweet. Beets and carrots are naturally sweet so it actually tastes just fine. And the apples make it sweet as well. It isn't gross at all. I actually enjoy drinking it. 
I also through some chia seeds into it as well. Yum!

The second kind of juice that I made is called Gut Soother. Funny name but yummy juice.
It has pineapple, carrot, pear, and ginger. 

 This recipe didn't make as much juice as the other kind as you can see in the picture. 
It is a really sweet one and tastes like a dessert. 
I really like this new hobby that I have! It is so much fun.
The nice thing is that Nate and I just found a new grocery store that we love here in Virginia that sells amazingly cheap produce! It is called Lotte Plaza and it is an Asian grocery store. The produce is excellent quality and huge! They had huge Fuji apples there for 79 cents a pound. That is way cheaper than anything else in this area. They have every vegetable that you could ever imagine there too. Tons of different ones from different countries that I have never seen or heard of before. I would love to buy them and experiment with them to see what they are!
This cheap store allows me to be able to afford more produce so I can juice more often. 
I love it! 

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  1. If you had a garden, you could use the excess for compost instead of throwing it away! Sounds yummy!