Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Coeur d' Alene Fun!

After a fun week with the Hembrees, we went to go see my family!
We flew into Coeur d'Alene, Idaho on the night of the 28th and stayed until January 5th!
 I was so lucky to see my family again and to be able to spend New Year's with them! 

Crew loved having Nate around to play his new Lego game with. Every time we would come over, the first thing that Crew would say is, "Nate, want to play Legos?"
Mom got Kenzie a makeup kit for Christmas to keep at Grandma's house so she can use it when she comes to visit. Kenzie loves it. It is fun to see this older girly side of her come out....a side that wants to wear makeup and have her hair done all cute. I love it. Every time that I saw her she wanted me to do her makeup. I started getting creative with the makeup colors and start making it kinda crazy. The color options are different shades of blue, purple, and pink. Missy was laughing at me one time when she heard me ask Kenzie, "Ok Kenz, do you want more of a natural look or more crazy?" Missy, said, "Too late!" (I already had her lids covered completely in bright blue. :)
The first night we got there Nate and I opened our presents from mom and dad. Mom did an unbelievable job this year at picking out clothes for me that I love! There were only a couple things that I wasn't completely crazy about but everything else I absolutely loved. She is quite the shopper and quite the outfit picker outer. 

A couple nights after we were there, Crew and Kenzie kept on begging Nate and I for us to have a sleepover with them at Grandma's house. So I planned a bunch of fun things and made it happen. I had a blast. I wish I could live closer to my nieces and nephews. They are just so cute and growing up way to quickly. 
I made homemade play-doh with them before they came and we had a blast with it. We used all of mom's millions of cookie cutters and cut out fun shapes with the play-doh. 
Then we made chocolate chip cookies together! The kids were being so cute and helping me add in all of the ingredients. They thought it was so fun to mix, add in things, and especially to crack the eggs. 
The cookie dough is almost done! Yum!

We made a fort downstairs for us to sleep in. It took a while to figure out how to make it stay but we finally got it! Kenzie and I slept in it the whole night but Crew and Nate ended up making it to their beds. I guess they didn't think the floor was that comfortable. Kenzie was such a cute snuggle partner though. She kept on asking if we could snuggle. Then she would wrap her arm around me. It was the cutest thing ever! I love that girl so much!

The next day Cade, Kenzie, Crew, Dad and I went out into town. Notice Kenzie's crazy eye makeup again and her braid that goes across her head like how I wear my hair? Ya, we are cool like that. :) She was so excited to be able to wear her makeup out in public for the first time! 
We went to the Humane Society in Hayden Lake to visit the dogs and cats. We got to hold them and pet them and the kids loved it. They wanted to adopt one!
Later, we went to Temptations, AKA TCBY, and got ice cream and cupcakes. I asked each kid which one they wanted, a cupcake or an ice cream cone. Kenzie and Crew chose an ice cream cone and Cade chose a cupcake. Cade ate his really quickly and then wanted an ice cream cone too. Of course dad wasn't going to say no, so next thing I know, Dad is up at the front again with Cade buying him an ice cream cone. Then I see the lady handing Cade the ice cream cone over the counter and it drops to the ground. It was the funniest thing ever! The lady was laughing, I was laughing, the kids were laughing. She finally made him another one and everything was fine. 
Swayzie and I playing with play-doh. She thought this was the coolest!
Classic Swayzie faces. Every time I would take her picture, she would say, "Iwannasee." "CanIsee?" When I showed her the picture, she would laugh at herself and say, "That me!"

Swayzie calls me Pickelle. She will say, "I want my Nate and Pickelle." When you ask her, "How are you Swayzie?" She says, "Um.....I two." It is the cutest thing ever. Writing this post is really making me miss her.
Kenzie got a Build-a-Bear gift card for Christmas so I took her to get her bear made at the Build-a-Bear workshop! She chose a pink sparkly cat and named her, "Crystal."

Swayzie got a pink Minnie car that really drives for Christmas. She can barely drive it straight and runs into walls alot. She is so cute on it though. Kenzie and I were making her laugh by acting like she was running into us. I miss these cute sisters. 

Mom and I making her chocolates. She has done this for over 30 years and still continues to do them every year! They are so much work but so so so yummy! 
On New Year's Day, we went to a yummy Japanese grill restaurant in Post Falls. We want to make this a New Year's tradition! It was so fun watching them make our food right in front of us. They threw shrimp into our mouths, and made a volcano out of an onion with fire coming out of the top. It was quite the show and super yummy food too. Kenzie was definite on ordering shrimp and said that she loved it and wanted it for sure even though we questioned her on it because she usually likes chicken. When they brought her shrimp out, she said, "This is shrimp? I didn't know that this was shrimp. I don't like shrimp. I got confused of what shrimp was." Silly girl! 

Nate and I had a game night with the older kids at Grandma's house. We played Eye to Eye, Ratuki, and Balderdash. Balderdash was especially funny because of trying to guess which definitions were fake and which ones were real. Surprisingly, it was really hard to pick out the one that was fake, especially with Collin playing. His definitions threw me off every time! 
The last night that we were there we went to The Pizza Factory to have dinner. It is the perfect place for large families because there is a lot of room for kids to run around and play. The pizza was just so so but it was a great way to end the trip. 
I am really going to miss these kiddos. It is so hard to leave them every time I come and visit. Sometimes I feel like they are my own kids and it kills me to see them grow up so fast and to have me miss so much of their lives. Can't wait for my next trip to CDA!

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