Sunday, January 26, 2014

Christmas with the Hembrees

We went to Utah for Christmas this year to visit Nate's family. The last week of school before Christmas break was a whirlwind with school and packing and getting ready. We also had delayed flights and missed  
flights because of weather and broken planes.......but we eventually got there! 

We were greeted warmly by Nate's family. It definitely looked like Christmas in Utah with all the snow. It was so much colder than in Virginia! The house was full with 18 people, 6 dogs, and 1 cat. The more the merrier during this time of year. Here is a run down of the week!

Wrapping presents with Janae and Lane in the basement while watching, "The Grinch," and "Elf." 
My two favorite Christmas movies.  

 Making yummy Christmas treats with Gail and Nate. These are divinity puffs dipped in dark chocolate. She also made nut clusters, 7 layer bars, donuts with green coconut, fudge, and caramel walnut blondies. Not to mention to did a ton of canning while we were there and made each of her kids a jar of pear, raspberry, and strawberry jam as well as homemade salsa. Yum!
 Emma, Lane, Janae, Dylan, and Cynthia finishing up their Christmas Eve dinner. 
We had steak, garlic potatoes, salad and rolls. 
 Emma fell asleep in her high chair from all the craziness of the Christmas season. Poor girl! 
 On Christmas Eve night, Gail made sugar cookies and butter cream frosting to decorate with. She had all sorts of sprinkles and every color of food coloring you could imagine. We went at it and made some pretty clever ones. Santa had a great treat that night when he came to the Hembree home!
 After staying up until 3 AM wrapping presents, filling stockings, and getting together last minute things, we finally went to bed. Even though this picture looks like it was light out, it was actually taken around 3 AM right before going to bed. Santa would be coming soon.....
 "The stocking were laid by the chimney with care in hopes that St. Nicholas soon would be there."
Emma was excited to open her stocking!
 Nate really enjoyed his Duck Dynasty shower scrubber that I got for him as well as his maple bacon chocolate bar and jalapeno jerky. I loved my fancy running socks and warm vanilla sugar lotion. 

 Nala was very excited to open her present from Santa. I think that's the biggest bone I have ever seen. 
And it is peanut butter flavored! Look at that balancing act. :)

 Nate and Brandon made this table for their dad on Christmas Eve night in the garage without him even knowing it. They had bought the wood at an auction for only $5 and made this amazing table out of it! 
The Hembree boys are so talented with stuff like this. 
 Gail opening her crepe basket with a crepe pan, syrups, mascarpone, and all the other crepe fixins. 
 Nate opening his "shooting" themed basket.
 The Christmas program was moved to Christmas day instead of Christmas Eve. Gail has these really amazing bells that you can hit with a piece of metal and it creates different tones. She has all different ones with different numbers on them. Every person gets their own bell and together you can play a Christmas song with them. Jim made them for her years ago. I want my own set! 
What a fun way to hear the Christmas carols.

After all the excitement there, we were off to CDA to visit my family for New Year's! 
Stay tuned for the next post! 

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