Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Christmas in Middleburg

Middleburg, Virginia is one of my favorite little towns that I have ever come across! It reminds me of an old European town. It is so fun to explore through all of the cute shops and fun restaurants. Around every little corner is a new shop to explore and every time I go I swear I find something else there that I didn't notice before. It is so quaint and when I am there I feel like I am walking around in a movie set for a romantic comedy. 

On the first weekend of December, they have their Christmas in Middleburg yearly celebration. The whole weekend is full of fun Christmas activities. Nate was taking his LSAT test that morning so I went along with the Hintons. We went on Saturday for their horses and hounds parade. The sport where they hunt the foxes with the horses and the hounds is still something that goes on in Middleburg today! It was amazing to see the flood of horses and hounds down the street. There were so many of them! 

This is a fun shop that I found that makes all different kinds of popcorn. I didn't even find it until my 3rd visit to Middleburg. It is hidden around a corner and down in an basement shop. They make all different kinds of gourmet popcorn like salted carmel, cotton candy, strawberry shortcake and even savory ones too.

 Many people brought their dogs with them to the weekend celebration. Of course the dogs were dressed up in Christmas attire with bells and all. This bulldog I particularly fell in love with. What a funny little guy.
 What a cool thing I found can buy books that are cut up into letters. Of course they aren't for reading but for decoration. What a cute idea for a children's library in a classroom or a house!

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