Sunday, November 3, 2013

Sleeping on the Roof!

I started working at Pinebrook Elementary school in September of this year. Pinebrook does some pretty cool things. They have this huge fundraiser every year where the kids sell things to neighbors and friends and raise money for the school. The principals usually set up awards and bribes for the kids to get them to sell more. Last year, the reward the students got was to see their principals kiss a real pig! This year the reward was a little different....

The deal was if the students sold $25,000, the 3 principals would have to sleep on the roof of the school. If the students sold $30,000, then the teachers (who volunteered) would have to join them. So of course I volunteered along with 3 of the other kindergarten teachers and it was a blast!
 The only way up to the roof is by climbing up a steep ladder that is in the janitor closet. The afternoon of the big event, we all climbed up to the roof at the end of the day and waved goodbye to our students as they loaded the buses and walked home. It was hilarious! They thought it was so funny to see their teachers and principals up there. 

 My students were so worried about me. They said, "Are you even going to eat?" "What if you have to go to the bathroom?" "What if the principals snore?" "It is going to be so cold up there! I am worried about you!"

They set up white Christmas lights all around so that we wouldn't accidentally walk off! We played games, ate junk food, had a dance party, and talked. The PTA provided dinner and breakfast for us. We had visitors from about 6-10 bringing us food and throwing candy to us. The students and parents couldn't get enough of us and kept on coming to see us up on the roof. It was quite the event! I had 4 of my students come and see me. One of them brought me pumpkin chocolate chip bread and oranges for breakfast the next morning. So sweet. There were parents bringing us freshly baked chocolate chip cookies that were still warm. One mom brought us hot cocoa in individual cups. We felt so loved. Everyone was so supportive. 

For the most part it was a great night. At about 10, we had a huge rain storm though so we went and hid in our tents. It was coming down pretty hard but luckily stopped after about an hour. The wind was strong throughout the night and kept us up throughout the night. But besides that, it was actually a great night! What a great group of people that I get to work with! The next day was Friday and we had a school wide pajama day. The kids loved wearing their pajamas to school and loved seeing their teachers in pajamas too. 

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