Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Making Gelato

"You are going to die this week."

These are awful words to hear.....but if a doctor told me that my time was short and I only had a few more days to live I would probably do a few things.......

First, or course I would visit my family and friends and talk to them on the phone as much as I could and tell them how much I love them. 

Second, I would do something crazy and adventurous that I had never done before. 

And Third, I WOULD EAT A TON OF ICE CREAM. I would probably eat it for every meal for everyday until my final breath. You are going to die so who cares? That is how much I love ice cream. It is definitely my top choice of desserts, of course along with frozen yogurt. Pinkberry to be exact. 

Nate loves finding deals and he is very good at it. He gets a thrill out of finding something for cheap, fixing it up and then selling it for more than he purchased it. He has magic hands and can fix anything broken that comes along his path. He likes going to auctions and bidding on items for cheap. Recently at the NPS auction in Salt Lake, he found me this little gem.....
 It is an Italian brand artisan gelato maker. He bid on it for only $65 and won! The same exact thing is $700-$800 on Amazon right now. What a deal! It was lacking a couple parts when he got it, but Nate ordered the paddle and lid online and now we have a complete gelato machine. The cool thing about this machine that is different from other machines is that it has a built in frozen bowl that keeps on freezing as it mixes. There is no need to remember to freeze your ice cream machine interior in the freezer the night before you use. it. This one just has it all there for you by the press of a small green button. So with this machine, you can make different batches of ice cream over and over again without having your bowl thaw out. It is brilliant.

So we bought this book on Amazon because it had the best reviews out of all the gelato books. I fell in love with gelato after living in London for a year and traveling to Italy and Paris. Nate and I ate it every chance we got, especially in Venice. We ate it about 5-6 times a day. :) Italians sure do know how to make dang good gelato! So I thought this book could get me off to the right start.
The hard part was figuring out what flavors to make! The first time I used it we were at our family reunion. I thought it would be a good time to try it out so I could have other people eating it besides me. I wanted to do an, "Ice Cream of the Day," and make a different flavor of ice cream each day. I did this a few years ago with cookies up there where I made a different kind of gourmet cookie each day and passed them around throughout the condos for everyone to sample them. But my ice cream of the day idea was a little much, so I just made 3 kinds all on one day. This book has so many great flavors! We finally narrowed it down to these: cantaloupe, cookies and cream, and peanut butter marshmallow. We bought all high end organic ingredients and went to work.

It is quite the process to make. It took all night with Nate and I both doing it together. There are so many steps of heating it to the right temperature to make a custard, then straining it through a mesh sieve, then emulsifying it, and on, and on.....Then they have to be in the fridge for 8 hours before you put them into the machine. It was a lot of work and time but worth it.

The next morning, it was finally time to make the ice cream! We started off with the peanut butter marshmallow one first.

 Then the cookies and cream......
 And then the cantaloupe.
Then after they are all mixed, they need to harden in the freezer for about an hour covered up in saran wrap. 
I'm telling you. It is a very long process.
But then you get results like these! 
It tasted so yummy and very similar to ones that we ate in Italy!
 Can't wait until I get to make my next batch! 
Salted Carmel? Chocolate Hazelnut? Raspberry? Stracciatella?
One of each? We will have to see.....

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