Friday, May 10, 2013

Road Trip!

Nate and I do road tripping together very well. 
Our first road trip that we took together was on the Big Island in Hawaii. 
We flew to the Big Island, rented a car, and drove around the entire island for a few days. 
Since then we have done a few road trips to California, up to Coeur d'Alene to see my family, and to Arizona. Last year in Europe, we did a huge road trip all around Southern France, Italy, and Spain. 
Of course that was one of the most memorable. 

For my spring break this year we wanted to do some sort of road trip, but we didn't know where to. 
So after school got out we just packed up our bags, loaded up the car and started driving south. 
We didn't really have a set plan of where we were going or where we would stay.
All we knew was that we wanted to go somewhere warm because it was snowing in Utah at the time. 
We needed sun on our skin and flip flops on our feet. So we headed south. 

Our first stop was Las Vegas.
Nate found a great price for The Venetian hotel on the strip from 
I have walked through that hotel many times but I had never stayed in it. 
It was so nice inside the rooms! I loved the Italian decor and the big comfy bed. It was fun having a T.V. in the bathroom to watch while you shower and granite countertops in the bathroom.
 I felt like a princess!

Vegas greeted us warmly with temperatures in the 70's which felt like heaven to us coming from snow. 
So of course we hit the pool. We picked up Nate's cousin, Tabitha and went pool hopping.
There are so many pools there! Big ones, small ones, tons of hot tubs.....and when they all closed at 6, they have another set of pools and spas on another floor that we explored that didn't close until 8. 
We had a great time swimming, laying out, relaxing, and people watching. 

In Vegas, Nate and I like to eat a lot.
There are so many good restaurants and fun places to explore. 
Here is us at a fun sandwich shop that we found called, "Earl of Sandwich." 
They make dang good sandwiches.
But....we especially like the Vegas buffets and find them very entertaining to go to. 
We did the 24 hour buffet pass where you can hit up 7 of the top buffets for one price as many times as you want in a 24 hour period. It is insain. We did this same thing a couple years ago and we learned a lot since then of what to do and what not to do. 

1. Only eat things that are to die for yummy, otherwise it isn't worth it. 
If it is just okay, stop eating right away and get a new plate. 
2. Don't feel bad at all about wasting food.
3. Drink plenty of water the night before to stretch out your stomach so you can eat more.
4. When at the buffet, look at everything first before you start filling up your plate to make sure you are really getting the best stuff. Choose the on the spot freshly made stuff over the stuff that is sitting out. 

After learning this handful of rules, we were Vegas buffet eating pros. :)

Last time we tried to hit all the buffets no matter what the reviews were
 just to check them out and see what different things they each had to offer. 
We only ended up making it to 5 of the 7.

This time we chose the top buffets and just ate there. We went to 3.

Brunch: Le Village Buffet in the, Paris Las Vegas Hotel.
Dinner: The Bacchanal Buffet in, The Caesar. 
Breakfast (The following morning): The Rio Buffet 

For brunch we mostly feasted on crepes, omlettes, and creme brulee. It was good but not anything to die over. I think Nate and I are more picky now about French food after living in Europe. But it was still pretty good.

But The Bacchanal Buffet.......OH MY GOSH!
It was so good.
No wonder they charge you extra to get in besides the buffet pass price. It was an extra $20 for each of us to go there for dinner, but so worth the money! This buffet is new, only been open for less than a year. It was like eating at tons of gourmet restaurants of all types of cuisines in one night. They had Mexican, Italian, Chinese, BBQ, seafood, and more. And the deserts, oh my gosh the desserts. Amazing. They had all kinds of gelato and even mochi ice cream. Not to mention all the cake bites, cheesecakes, parfaits, crepes, and puddings. Everything was coming out fresh constantly. It looked like a fine dining restaurant inside. Here are some pictures. 

We had quite the time and I was so full afterwards! But it was worth every calorie. :)
Nate and I decided that next time we come to Vegas we are just going to hit up The Bacchanal Buffet and then maybe try out another one on our list as well called, The Wicked Spoon. Once you have been to the Bacchanal, you really don't need to go to any other buffet on the 24 hour buffet list.

For breakfast the next morning we weren't even really hungry, but we decided to go anyways to get our moneys worth from our buffet pass. So we decided to try out The Rio. 
It was awful. Disgusting. It looked like granny's buffet practically. We grabbed a few small things and then left. It just wasn't even worth it. Hard to imagine that that used to be one of the top buffets in Vegas many years ago. It has gone downhill majorly. 

So ya, that was our Vegas trip in a nut shell. 
Lots of fun, relaxing, swimming, walking around the strip, visiting with family and lots of eating. :)

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  1. Travis and I are planning a trip to vegas right now! I am hoping to see a show or two! How much was that 24 hour buffet pass?? And where did you get it?