Thursday, April 18, 2013

Real Salt Lake Game

I have never considered myself a big sports person. The only sports I have ever played in my life are tee-ball in 1st and 2nd grade, volleyball in 7th but I quit early to audition for a play, and cheerleading in high school if you can even consider that a sport. I was always the dancer type. I grew up dancing and also now have a passion for aerobics and running. I grew up on the stage, not on the court or field. 

But I do love watching really good teams play no matter what sport it is. I like watching people do things well and seeing their passion for it, even if it isn't my own. 

Nate and I are proud owners of the Pass of All Passes. We got them for 20 bucks and they last for a year. Pretty snazzy deal. With this pass, you can go to two Real Salt Lake games for free. So Nate and I decided to take advantage of this and go to a game. They happened to be playing BYU so it was a fun game. I didn't know what team to cheer for and was happy with whoever winning. Real Salt Lake ended up taking the win with a high scoring game of 1 to 0.

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