Friday, April 19, 2013

Emigration Canyon 10 Miler

 I had a great race a couple weeks ago. 
I was a little nervous about it because I hadn't trained as much as I wanted to. 
With being out of town for spring break and not exercising that whole week, I felt not as prepared as I would have wanted.....
But it ended up turning out great.
The first two miles were completely uphill which was hard, 
but the last 8 were downhill so that was nice. 
I came out with 8 minute miles.
1 hour 20 minutes.
Could be better, but pretty good for not much preparation. 
And most important, I had fun!
After the race, Nate was there to take pictures and welcome me at the finish line. 
The restaurant, Brio, served breakfast for all the runners afterwards. 
It tasted so good after a long hard run.
I wish I had more time to run but teaching takes over my life right now!
Hopefully soon I can do some more races....a little longer perhaps next time. :) 

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