Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Go Jazz!

 My brother Jason, my two nephews Hunter and Connor, my mom and dad, two good family friends Jackie and Calvin Pabst, and I, all went to watch the Utah Jazz.
We had a blast.....except for the Jazz lost but oh well.

Afterwards we walked around the Gateway looking for the Ben and Jerry's because it was free scoop day and we wanted our free scoop! After walking around for a while we finally asked someone and found out sadly, that it had closed. There are now no open Ben and Jerry's shops in the entire state of Utah. So we wasted a lot of time for nothing. 
But at least they have Ben and Jerry's in the grocery store!

Monday, April 22, 2013


Nate and I have a new hobby.
We got a Vitamix when we were first married and fell in love with that quickly. 
It is nice to make smoothies in the morning and to eat more fruits and veggies.
But recently, we have had an interest in juicing and the health benefits that come from it.
After doing lots of research, Nate decided what juicer he wanted.
It is the most amazing machine ever. 
It is called Norwalk. 
It is unlike any other juicer. It is a cold press juicer.
It doesn't create any foam on top of the juice and it gets all of the liquid out of the pulp. And I mean all. 
What comes out is a dry sawdust substance that even pigs won't eat. 
And they say that one juicer lasts a lifetime. They are unbreakable.

So we got a little lucky....
Nate finally found a Norwalk juicer on Ebay that he liked that was a couple years old. 
We wanted a new one but didn't think it was worth the extra cost.  
So Nate went to pick it up from the post office and it looked like a wreck.
The box was all broken with holes and stuffing was coming out. 
Nate was worried that it was busted....and it was.
He brought it home and took it out of the box. 
It was all bent and the handle was broken off. It looked horrible. Such a disappointment.
The guy who shipped it to us didn't package it correctly.
But the good news is we got all of our money back and the previous owner told us to just keep it. 
He didn't want to have the hassel of paying to have it shipped back to him in CA.
So long story short, we got a juicer for absolutley free!!!
And with Nate being the Mr. Fix-It man that he is,
he ordered a few small parts, spent a day fixing it, and now we have a perfect juicer!
It looks brand new and you would never know that it used to be all bent up! 
Score! Go Nate!

We have been having fun experimenting with this juicer. 
We bought a juice recipe book called, "The Big Book of Juices."
We also have checked out lots of juicing/ cleansing books from the library and read up on things. 
Here are some pictures of our first juicing experience. 
We made a Kale Aid.
It has kale, celery, cucumber, lemon and ginger. 
It was so good. 
We added a bit too much ginger the first time but other than that it was great and so healthy!
It is a great way to get your veggies in! 
I could get used to this. :)

Friday, April 19, 2013

Emigration Canyon 10 Miler

 I had a great race a couple weeks ago. 
I was a little nervous about it because I hadn't trained as much as I wanted to. 
With being out of town for spring break and not exercising that whole week, I felt not as prepared as I would have wanted.....
But it ended up turning out great.
The first two miles were completely uphill which was hard, 
but the last 8 were downhill so that was nice. 
I came out with 8 minute miles.
1 hour 20 minutes.
Could be better, but pretty good for not much preparation. 
And most important, I had fun!
After the race, Nate was there to take pictures and welcome me at the finish line. 
The restaurant, Brio, served breakfast for all the runners afterwards. 
It tasted so good after a long hard run.
I wish I had more time to run but teaching takes over my life right now!
Hopefully soon I can do some more races....a little longer perhaps next time. :) 

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Real Salt Lake Game

I have never considered myself a big sports person. The only sports I have ever played in my life are tee-ball in 1st and 2nd grade, volleyball in 7th but I quit early to audition for a play, and cheerleading in high school if you can even consider that a sport. I was always the dancer type. I grew up dancing and also now have a passion for aerobics and running. I grew up on the stage, not on the court or field. 

But I do love watching really good teams play no matter what sport it is. I like watching people do things well and seeing their passion for it, even if it isn't my own. 

Nate and I are proud owners of the Pass of All Passes. We got them for 20 bucks and they last for a year. Pretty snazzy deal. With this pass, you can go to two Real Salt Lake games for free. So Nate and I decided to take advantage of this and go to a game. They happened to be playing BYU so it was a fun game. I didn't know what team to cheer for and was happy with whoever winning. Real Salt Lake ended up taking the win with a high scoring game of 1 to 0.