Sunday, February 17, 2013

Will You Be My Valentine?

 The night before Valentine's, my niece, Kimber, spent the night at our house. She is amazing at art of all kinds and has recently picked up a new hobby- face painting. She is trying to earn some extra money to go to Ecuador this summer to work in the orphanages, so she has been doing lots of face painting on the side of work and school to raise enough money to go. She is so talented and can do pretty much anything on your face that you could ever imagine!

So after looking on Pinterest for some fun Valentine face painting ideas, we finally found some things that we liked. We woke up early and started the painting. She did some hearts, swirls, XOs, and cupid wings. It turned out so cute! I was so excited and was even more pumped up for the big day at school. One of my favorite things about teaching is dressing up and making a big deal of all of the holidays. In 1st grade, you can come to school looking all crazy and the kids just adore you. They think you are the coolest teacher ever because you dressed up. I could never teach junior high or high school. It just wouldn't be any fun for me! They would all think I was a big freak! My students called me the, "Love Bug," all day and I think that nickname fit well. :) 

(Two nights later, right before I wrote this blog post, I washed my face, and saw a rash forming around my right eye. I have never had an sort of rash before and I don't think that I am allergic to anything. But after looking at it for a while as it started to form even more, I realized that my little rashes were forming into little heart shapes! It dawned on me that it was from the face painting! Why I didn't get it yesterday, I don't know. Weird. But ya, now I have heart shaped rashes on my face! Not on my forehead which is weird, and barely on my left side, but very much so on my right side. Haha! I guess heart shaped rashes are cuter than regular shaped rashes!)

It is crazy how much more fun holidays are when you are surrounded with children. 
This week was a blast. We made valentine cards for their parents to take home, we read valentine stories including "Froggy's First Kiss" which was a hit!, and we made little heart shaped "mailboxes" for them to hold their valentines in. On the big day we had distributed our valentines and then opened them. We also had our big party set up by our room moms.  I have the 3 best room moms I could ever ask for and they always plan such cute things for the kids to do!

 Some of my students were sweet and brought me some Valentine treats. I got loaded up with candy, chocolate, carmel apples, more candy, and more chocolate. I even got an Eiffel Tower statue that had an H on it, for Hembree. The little boy picked it out all by himself for me because he told his mom how much I love Paris and London. :) I do talk about those places a lot in class and we read books about them. I got some cute cards that said, "You are the best teacher ever!," and "I love you!" "You are the best teacher in the universe!" One little boy gave me a bag of Swedish Fish that had a tag on it that said, "You are o-fish-ally my favorite valentine!" Very creative and very cute. I also got a box of See's candy, my favorite. I think I might get a little fatter these next couple of weeks! I still have candy left over in my pantry from Christmas! 

That night Nate and I got some take out Chinese food that is close to our house. Our bishop's family eats there and Nate heard that it was good. Then we came home and snuggled up on the couch as we watched, "Madagascar 3." In the last few weeks, we have watched all 3 of the Madagascar movies. I had never seen them until now! I loved #1 and #2 and thought they were so cute. "I like to move it move it!" I was anxious to see the 3rd one so we bought it on Itunes and watched it. I loved it! 

We had a fun romantic night at home, enjoying each other's company. I'm grateful to have such a fun, caring, kind, sweet, Valentine that loves me and is always there for me when I need him. The night before Valentine's, he cleaned up the entire kitchen and did all the dishes for me while I was sleeping. I woke up to a beautiful, spotless, sparkling kitchen! That is the best present I could have ever asked for! I got Nate something that probably shouldn't be described in detail or pictured on my blog......but I will just let you know that I got it from my friend Victoria, and it was our little Secret. :)

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!

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