Wednesday, February 20, 2013

There is a 1st Time for Everything....

A couple Saturdays ago I was running errands and I came across a waxing center. I realized that I was due for my monthly lip wax so I ran in to see if they could squeeze me in.

They told me about their 2nd location that they were opening up in Murray the following weekend. Then they told me the good news. For that whole weekend, Friday-Monday, they were doing free waxing. Anything you want from head to toe....absolutely free.

So I signed up. I like free stuff.

The next weekend came along and I was ready to be waxed. I knew that I was going to get my lip waxed since that is a usual for me. I decided to do my chin as well. I figured I might as well. I don't like getting my eyebrows done because I feel like I can shape them just how I like them at home in my own bathroom with my tweezers. But there was one wax that I always wanted to try but never wanted to pay for it and never wanted to suffer through the pain of it......

Bikini Wax.

It always kind of sparked my interest and made me curious. It seemed like it would be a dream come true to never have to shave that area again. Goodbye red bumps, razor rashes, ingrown hairs, cuts, etc. Hello soft, silky, sexy, worry free, hair free skin! But the pain, oh the pain.....I didn't know if it would be worth it.

But when you bring free into the equation it kind of changes everything. I thought to myself, when else am I going to be able to try this out for FREE instead of forking out the $40-60 plus dollars that it usually costs??


This was a limited time chance that I probably should take advantage of. So I signed myself up for a full bikini wax.

I read about it online before I went in, like what I should do to prepare correctly. I took all the precautions- made sure I exfoliated well, took some ibuprofen an hour before,  showered right before, wore loose clothing, etc. So I felt as ready as I could be......

But I am not going to lie. It hurt. It REALLY HURT. It was very painful and not very pleasant. But it was actually better than I imagined it to be before I went in. I pictured myself screaming out loud, bloody murder, and clenching my nails into the bed. I pictured myself embarrassing myself for how loud I screamed and apologizing to the girl afterwards....

But it wasn't that bad. Really. I didn't even scream. The sides hurt hardly at all actually. They were cake. It was the front area that was the worst. It killed. But it was doable and over quickly.

They kind of trick you at first by having you lie on this bed and putting warm comforting wax all over you. It felt really cozy and nice. Then all of sudden without any warning......BAM! The comfort and coziness is gone and the pain takes over. There was no "1...., 2....., 3," or, "Are you ready?" Nope. None of that. Just rip and repeat. Rip and repeat. No warnings or fluff about it.

It was a little awkward getting my bottom half naked in front of a complete stranger. It was a girl none the less, but still. I tried not to act like it was a big deal to me, even though I felt completely like an idiot. I figured she does this for a living and she sees people like this all day every day. It really isn't a big deal for her. But then I started thinking, what a horrible job! How gross to see people like that all hairy, day in and day out. I mean it wasn't like I was pretty down there. Your hair has to be as long as a grain of rice (long grain) for the wax to pull the hair out. Too long- the hair will rip off, without getting the roots out. Too short- the hair won't come out. Anyway, not really the most attractive site. :) But whatever.

But......The results were great! Amazing! I felt so feminine and smooth. Now I wish I could get it done every 3-4 weeks, which is the recommended time in between each waxing. It really was worth the few minutes of pain for a whole month of smoothness. I think I could become addicted to it. They say, "beauty is pain," right?

I have a future appointment set up for the end of the month....Hopefully the 2nd time around doesn't kill me! We shall see! :)

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