Saturday, February 23, 2013

Homesick for London

Do you ever look back at your life and wonder what you were doing a year ago from that day? I have been doing that a lot recently. A year ago for me, Nate and I were living in the heart of London. There was never a dull moment in our lives. Last winter was our theater winter. January and February are the slowest times for theater in London because with the lack of tourists during the colder months. So that means cheap tickets for locals! We were seeing a different show almost every weekend and enjoying the tastes and cultures of all the different cuisines. We were wrapped up in the city life and the excitement that that brings. Life couldn't have been better. We were really living it up.

I recently came across this picture. It was the last picture that we took in London. It was in the airport right before we boarded the plane. I think it wasn't until this moment that it really hit me that our time in London had come to a close. Before then, it didn't really seem real. My face in this picture reflects how I was feeling at that moment.... so so sad. 
I felt so sad, frustrated and depressed knowing that our London year was over, but also grateful, blessed and content knowing that we had all of those amazing opportunities that most people never get to have. We visited so many interesting things and met so many cool people. In one year we had seen different parts of England, Scotland, Ireland, France, Spain, Holland, Monaco, Italy, and Morocco! What an amazing unforgettable year! 

In the airport I did one last stop at Harrods (they have a store in the airport!) and I bought a few things to take home with me.....a few last memories that I could take with me before our departure. I knew that when I got back to Utah that the whole last year would feel like a big long amazing dream. I wanted to buy some last physical items to hold and remember, proving to myself that our time in London actually did happen and wasn't just some figment of my imagination. 

Sometimes I wish that I was European. :) I love the food, culture, and way of life. I think I was made to be a city girl. I come alive in the city and feel like a new better person. It is such an exciting, adventures, spontaneous life! You can literally just walk outside your front door and be easily entertained. 

I love the opportunities that are given to people that were raised in London or anywhere in Europe. There are so many people that know several languages and can speak them all fluently. They learned them in school and were able to practice them in their home towns around people in their neighborhoods. It is just normal to meet people that speak 2-3+ languages. People grow up traveling regularly with their families. Going to France or Turkey over the weekend isn't a huge event but just a normal occurrence. People grow up learning and appreciating different cultures, understanding that there are good people in every place in the world even if they are different from them. I love that. I love culture. I embrace culture. I love trying new foods and meeting new people. I love being different from others around me and sharing my culture and beliefs with them. I love the excitement of European life and the opportunities that it brings. 

I miss the Food, especially the French food. I miss being able to get these heavenly morsels freely and other desserts/ pastries whenever I want.....

After leaving London, Nate and I moved to Utah because that is where I found a teaching job and where my teaching license was held, and that is also where Nate needed to be to take his LSAT classes. When we first moved back and people would ask us where we were from, we wouldn't know what to say. We would tell them that we most recently moved back from London. They would look at us with confused, stupid looks and say, "Why did you leave London to come to Utah?" Then they would give a little smirk.

I have often thought about this and I would say to myself, they are right! Why did we do such a silly thing? Why would we leave an amazing exciting life to come to such a boring monotonous one? (Sorry, native Utahins.)

This is what I have been struggling with a lot lately. Don't get me wrong, I do love Utah for many reasons. I like being closer to family. I love my job teaching my 1st graders full time. I love our ward here and the kind amazing people that we have met. We love our callings and being able to work with the youth and grow in that way. I love being close to so many temples and having the church building just a few minutes away from our house. We love our little apartment and the nice things that we have in it. We love having our car back and having that freedom of driving wherever we want. We love the American freedom and all the rights that we hold.

But I do miss London. I feel so homesick for it at times and I would move back in a heartbeat if the opportunity every arose. I am glad to be married to Nate who feels the same way as I do about living somewhere exciting. He wants to do International law which would hopefully allow us to move around the globe for different law jobs. It would be our dream to live in France for a year or more and be able to speak French fluently. We love that country. We recently bought the French Rosetta Stone and have been studying it every night which has been a blast!

Hopefully someday we can have another exciting opportunity come into our lives like we did last year. There are so many amazing beautiful places in the world that God created for us, I feel like I want to enjoy all of them while I have the chance! It would be such a shame to live in one place for your whole life and never experience other beauties that were put on this earth for us to enjoy. There is so much out there and I am just bursting at the seams to see what the next few chapters in our lives hold for us.


  1. We miss you too! You guys were such a fun couple to watch from semi-afar. One thing you should feel great about is that you took full advantage of living here. No regrets! As for Utah - I'm so excited to come there in April. I love it there! :)

  2. Can I be homesick for a place I've never lived?! ha gosh. I "understand" your pain because more often then not I ask myself why I am here (in Utah) and not living in some European city like the ones I have visited and loved... and then in the same breath I wonder why I want "more" when I have so many wonderful blessings happening for my family here in Utah. Oh the internal struggle. It doesn't help when I just had one friend move to Sweden and my uncle and aunt are moving to England in a few months. But I'm glad to know I'm not the only one. We still need to get together too! Maybe you and I can find a french café somewhere in town and pretend like we are there and not here. ;)