Saturday, January 26, 2013

Wedding Time!

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Hembree..... 
Over the Christmas break, Nate and I attended Tim and Sandy's wedding. They got married on December 29th, in the Salt Lake City LDS Temple. Sandy's mom was able to fly up from Mexico and be there on their special day. Since Sandy speaks Spanish and is learning English, the temple sealer did the ceremony in both Spanish and English. He would say some parts in Spanish and then he would say the same thing over again in English. This took place throughout the whole ceremony. It was very sweet. There were English and Spanish speakers in the audience, so doing it that way made everyone feel apart of the ceremony. They even got married twice.....once in English and once in Spanish. The sealer said after the English wedding was over, "Ok, now you can kiss in English!" It was a really special and so different than any wedding that I have been too.

It was freezing outside that day so we took pictures quickly and then hurried to get back inside. I felt bad for Sandy being out in the cold without a coat to keep her warm, especially being from Mexico and being used to the hot temperatures! She looked absolutely beautiful that day, stunning. They looked so happy together and Nate and I were glad that we got to be there to support them.

The reception was at a reception center in Bountiful. It looked gorgeous. We had a dinner and then a dance afterwards. We had lots of fun! Here are some pictures of the fun night.......

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