Thursday, January 24, 2013

Mini Mission Reunion

A couple of days after we got back from Coeur d'Alene for Christmas, I went to a mini mission reunion. Sister Roberts, (Jenaya, my mission mom) let me know that the Strouts were going to be in Utah. President and Sister Strout were in our ward in Newport, Maine, and President Strout was our branch president. Newport was my first area on my mission so it is still very dear to me. I served there for 6 months and loved every second of it. The Strouts still live in Maine but were in Utah visiting their son and daughter in law, and celebrating their grandson's 1st birthday. It was so fun to see them. We met up at Rumbi Grill in Sandy and had a great time. It was also so fun to see Sister Roberts, Sister Sackett, Sister Sackett's new baby, Sister Peterson, and her husband to be. Sister Sackett, Sister Roberts and I all served together in Newport as a trio for 4 weeks. Another sister in the mission had to go home early because of extreme headache problems so then Sister Sackett moved to Yarmouth Maine, and left Sister Roberts and I as a duo, finishing up the last 2 weeks of the transfer together.

After the luncheon was over it got me thinking back to my mission, reliving all of the memories....sad memories, homesick memories, happy memories, scary memories, uplifting life changing memories, tired cold and lonely memories, hard working memories, sacred memories. My mission was such a life changing experience for me and I am so glad that I got the chance in my life to serve. I know that women aren't required to serve a mission, but I feel so blessed that my life led me to that path and I was given that opportunity to serve because it changed me for the better.

It also got me thinking to how much people have changed......Sister Roberts, Sister Sackett and I are all married, and Sister Sackett has a baby! We all have real jobs and real college degrees....we are so grown up now. :) Crazy how life changes so fast and passes us by so quickly. Even though I love my life now and am glad to be married to Nate and teaching my darling 1st graders, I would love to go back to my mission days......the days when all you thought about was serving others. All you cared about was other people and if they listened to your message and made changes in their life for the better. Now life seems so selfish. Almost every decision we makes focuses on us and what makes us happy. For that reason, I miss my mission. I miss constantly feeling the spirit and helping others all day long. I miss that warm comforting feeling constantly in my life.

I hope all girls that have the opportunity to serve a mission will take advantage of it! It is the best thing that you could do for others and for yourself. Yes, it is scary and very hard but so worth it. I loved my mission and all the people that I met in New Hampshire, Maine, and Massachusetts. They will forever be in my heart and apart of me. :)


  1. Aww, I love this! I need to blog about my mission more. I feel my words never fully do justice though to what an incredible, life-changing experience it all was. Thank you for being a part of and an example to me on the mission as well as life now!

  2. We are so glad that we were able to meet you and all the sisters after you. You have all made our lives better by just knowing you. We love being able to keep in touch with you and continue to share your lives with us. We miss you and still think of you often. Love, Laura and Joe from Maine.