Saturday, September 29, 2012

Monkeys and Snakes and More Monkeys, Oh My!

In Morocco, they have a lot of crazy things that you aren't used to seeing back home. Every time Nate and I would turn our head, we would see something else that was fascinating to us. Sometimes I felt like I was constantly walking around with my mouth open in complete shock and horror and other times in complete amazement. 
The Moroccans like their animals......well, they actually just like their tips. 
Everyone works off of tips there and the unemployment rate is pretty high. They use animals to make money off of tourists and it actually works pretty well for them. All the tourists have to get pictures with the monkeys and the snake charmers. That is a must when traveling to Morocco. Here are some of my favorite pictures from our trip. Even now when I look at them, I can't help but laugh!

Monkey sitting on my arm.
Me wearing the man's hat.
 Monkey giving me a hug....
 Monkey snuggling up with Nate and I.
 Snake Charmers!

Speaking of snakes.....
I bought some awesome snake sandals there. 
They are so comfortable and the cool part is that I saw the guy making them 
right there in his little shoe shop. 
More Monkeys....this time sitting on top of Nate's head!
 Our faces tell it all in this pic. 
 As you can tell, it was a very memorable exciting trip! 
I mean, wear else can you get pictures like these?

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