Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Versailles Fountain and Firework Show

 The Palace of Versailles is unlike anything that you have ever seen before. It is full of glitz, glamour, powerful history, and huge beautiful gardens. It is an hour outside of Paris but is definitely worth the day trip. We found out that they were doing a fountain and firework show from 9-11:30PM. Going to the Palace of Versailles at night was one of my favorite things that we did in Paris. So we made a day of it by attending the palace during the day for a tour, breaking for dinner by eating crepes at a little nearby cafe followed by a nap by the river, and then heading back for the night show.
 The Palace is amazing inside. This is our favorite room. It has mirrors all down the one side and then windows on the other that open up to the gardens. There are rows and rows of sparkling chandeliers that light up the room. Completely breathtaking!
 A view of the gardens from one of the palace windows.

So during the night show we saw lots of cool things. All of the fountains were going off and had lights surrounding them. We had fun walking around the massive garden (1,976 acres). There were bubble machines everywhere so we were constantly walking through bubbles. Classical opera music was playing to set the mood. There were fog machines by some of the fountains that were fun to walk through. One of the fountains was set to music and performed a great show of music and dancing fountains, similar to Vegas. It was perfect weather with a gorgeous sunset. The palace was also holding a royal ball that night after midnight so there were lots of people there that were all dressed up in period clothing and masquerade masks. They really set the mood.
The night couldn't have gotten any better.
Here are some of the other fountains that we saw that night......

 The firework show was amazing. They were going off right on top of one of the biggest fountains in the whole garden. The fireworks were gorgeous with all different colors and having them set to music made it even more magical. They also had huge fire puffs that would blow out to the music. All I can say is Wow. What a memorable night for all four of us!

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