Thursday, August 2, 2012

Fun With Family in London

The first week of July, we had some more visitors. 
My brother Jeremy, his wife Molly, and their three children, Mckennah, Julia, and Kyler,
all came to London for about a week.
We got to spend some time with them and show them around our "home town" a bit.
 On one of the nights, Jeremy and Molly had reservations to go eat dinner at one of the Gordon Ramsey restaurants so Nate and I agreed to babysit. We had a blast with the kids. We went to Rainforest Cafe. The food was awful and very overpriced but we still had fun. The funniest part was when a mom was holding her baby and they walked past the stuffed lifelike gorilla that was in the jungle, and the baby completely freaked out. She was terrified and was screaming her head off with this horrified look on her face. 
It was pretty hilarious. 

After dinner we walked around the Piccadilly Circus area for a bit. Kyler and Nate went and did some boy stuff like go to the Farrari store, the chocolate store, and to the Apple store to play games on the Ipad. Mckennah, Julia and I went and did some girl stuff. We went shopping up and down Oxford and Regent street, to the M&M factory, and hunting for "One Direction" shirts and posters.
 (Mckennah is a little obsessed with this band. )

But my favorite part of the night was this moment below:
 The girls were so embarrassed!
They didn't want to go over there because they were so scared and embarrassed. They were just standing there looking at them and smiling. Then the guys saw them and motioned to them to come over. They bashfully walked over and stood between the two hotties while I snapped a quick shot. :)
Look at their stomachs!
I mean, what do people who look like this really eat?
Celery, lettuce, and water?

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