Sunday, July 8, 2012

Portobello Market

One of my favorite markets in London is The Portobello Market in Notting Hill. I was lucky enough to work at Southbank which was just around the corner from this market so I would go sometimes during my lunch break. It is so full of life and is so much fun. I wish I would have taken more pictures to capture all the cool things that go one there.

When Nate and I took his parents there we went to a cool bruschetta booth. I love bruschetta. So good. They were making it right there in front of you and it was so fresh. They cut off bread from big huge circular loaves, toasted it, melted some mozzarella cheese on top, put fresh tomatoes with garlic and salt, and then finished it off with some fresh basil. Such a fun idea.

They also have other cool things like crepe and waffle stands making them fresh right there in front of you with all kinds of cool toppings. Gourmet marshmallows that were all kinds of crazy flavors. Yum. There are people making fresh fruit smoothies and juicing fruit for fresh squeezed juices. There are booths of fresh produce for a great price. There are people selling the cutest headbands, hats, and jewellery. There are the cutest boutiques and antique shops stuffed full of treasures. You could really go crazy here if you wanted. I bought some earrings that have real peacock feathers on them.

On this road is also the famous Hummingbird Bakery. They have cupcakes that are to die for. So good. And of course on this road are all the film locations for the movie, "Notting Hill," that I love to visit and take pictures by. They also have a cool shop called, "Books for Cooks," completely full of cookbooks. And a shop called, "The Spice Shop," that is full of all kinds of fresh spices and spice mixes. You could really find anything in there. The street performers add some fun to the whole atmosphere as well as they play their music with a small cup in front of them for you to throw in your spare change.

And of course it wouldn't be London without pigeons. I love the picture of the pigeons eating off of the table at "Gail's Cafe." So classic. They are everywhere and at first they annoyed me, but now I have kind of grown to love them. They give London some personality.

I am going to miss London when we leave especially all the cute markets. Europe sure knows how to do a good market, and Portobello Market is definitely one of the best.

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