Monday, July 23, 2012

Murano Glass Blowing

So most people don't realize it, but Venice is actually an island. When we landed in the airport, we had to take a boat for about an hour to get to the island of Venice. Around Venice, there are a bunch of other islands. One of those islands is called, Murano. Our hotel offered to take us over to this island in their water taxi so off we went. Driving in the water taxi was a lot of fun. Of course Venice of all places would have a taxi that is made for water since they don't have any roads there for cars. There is not a single motor vehicle on the entire island. No cars, buses, taxis. 

Here is us riding in the water taxi:
 Murano is a very cute little island. But if you think Venice is small.....think again. Murano is even smaller. You can easily see the whole island in about 5 hours which is what we did. We spent the day walking around the shops and eating at a little cafe.
 Murano is famous for one thing. Glass blowing and creating the most beautiful glass items. They make everything glass you could think of like china, vases, frames, decorations, chandeliers, and jewelery. When we first got to the island, our taxi dropped us off at the main glass blowing factory on the island. We had an amazing experience there. So amazing that it would easily make the cut off to be on the "Most Amazing Things that Mikelle Has Ever Seen" list. So cool. We watched the men make vases from start to finish by melting the glass, rolling it, cooking it in the oven, shaping it, decorating it, blowing into it to make the round vase shape, and then finishing it off and letting it dry. Wow.
After our glass blowing adventure, we found a little cafe with great sandwiches. Yum. They grilled them there right in front of us so they were nice and hot and the cheese was perfectly melted. Here is Nate and Jim enjoying their lunch........

 We had a great day in Murano. What a fun place to explore and visit. Nate and I bought a small little vase for our future house. It is all different colors and has kind of a wonky type of shape to it. We love it. Nate also got some glass cuff links and I got some glass earrings. Hopefully when we look at these treasures that we brought home with us that they will remind us of  Murano and the fun time that we had there.

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