Monday, July 16, 2012

Hello Venice!

 What place in the world gives you water canals instead of streets, cute little shops, narrow streets full of boutiques and cafes, gelato shops on every corner, cute little bridges, beautiful views, and amazing architecture?

Venice, Italy.

I love Venice. I could live there for the rest of my life and die happy. It is such a romantic city full of life. The best thing to do there is to just roam around and get lost. It is a small enough island that you don't really need to worry about not finding your way home. You will get there eventually. Getting lost in Venice allows you to find new things and explore. It is amazing what you find around every new corner that you pass by. The weather was perfect while we were there and I was in complete heaven.
 This was the view from our hotel room. 
 Jim, Gail, Nate and I, eating Italian pizza outside at a little pizza cafe. 
Italian pizza is the best. 
Thin chewy crust, fresh ingredients, and Italian seasonings.
 These masks are everywhere in Venice. 
There are so many different designs and colors. 
They are used for their yearly event that they hold in the Spring called the,
"Carnival of Venice."
 These pictures are in front of the Grand Canal, the largest water canal in Venice. 
What a gorgeous night with a gorgeous view! 
 I had lots of fun with all the street masks and market items. 
 Nate and I in front of the Piazza San Marco, the biggest square in Venice. 
There is always something going on here. 
It is like the Trafalgar Square of Venice. 
At night it is especially beautiful. 
 Here comes the food have got to know by now that I wouldn't leave this out! :)
Nate and I ate gelato like crazy in Venice.
Embarrassingly enough, there was one day that we had 6 different ones! 
Don't judge me. :)
I just love ice cream, especially Italian gelato. It is just the best. I can't hold back while I am there.
And it is sooooo cheap. Only 1.50 Euros a scoop. 
It was nice to have to keep us cool in the hot sunny weather. 
 Our favorite flavors of this trip were:
Fresh peach, watermelon, cantaloupe, Venetian cream, and After Eight mint. 
 Nate and I at the Doge's Palace. 
Homemade pasta. So good. 
We found a fun restaurant and we chose well. 
I love when Italian food is so fresh with homemade pasta, freshly cooked sauces,
 fresh Italian cheese, and the perfect blend of spices. 
You can't really get any better than that. 

More Venice pictures and stories to come soon......

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  1. Your photos are just amazing - and being able to just poke around must have been wonderful. I was there 4 years ago on a choral tour with the university choir (chaperone, not singing, darn) - but we were on a schedule with no time to just meander and explore. Your photos filled in some of the gaps. I can't wait to see more! Love to you - Holly