Monday, July 30, 2012

Hello Paris!!!

When Nate's parents booked their tickets to come and visit us in London they said they wanted to do some traveling as well as visit London. Nate and I thought about what places would be best for them to see since it was their first time in Europe. We both agreed that Italy and France were the top destinations in Europe that are "must go to" countries. So we booked tickets to Venice and Paris. 

Here are some of the highlights from our Paris trip:

1. Eiffel Tower Night Pics
Every hour after 10PM,
 the tower has a light show where it sparkles for about 10 minutes straight.
2. Laduree 
Of Course. Can't go to Paris without eating my fill of French macaroons!
3. Angelina. 
This is my new favorite place. 
Nate found it online and it said it was rated, "Europe's best hot chocolate."
So of course we had to try it out, and yes, it was true. It was that good. 
It tasted like you were drinking the best European chocolate bar in liquid form. 
I tried the milk chocolate as well as the white chocolate. Both yummy. 
Their pastries were quite tasty as well. 

4. Crepes. 
Who could go to Paris without eating crepes? That is a must. 

5. Pastry Shops.........

6. Napping by the River

7. The Love Lock Bridge
The tradition is for lovers to buy a lock together, write their names on it and the date, 
and then to latch the lock on the bridge. Pretty romantic huh? 

8. The Louvre Museum
The museum to top all museums!
And the best part was......we went on the 1st Sunday of the month
so we all got in for free.
Downfall......we had to wait in line for about 1 hour to get in.
I guess everyone else heard about the free admission too. :(

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