Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Harrods Sale with a Surprise

It was a Saturday in June and Nate and I had just gotten done with a river cruise on The River Thames. We were walking around just enjoying the scenery when we saw a red double decker bus that had a big advertisement on the side for Harrods. It said something like, "There is Only One Sale," then it had the dates of when this sale was going on at the bottom. June 16th-July 8th. We checked our phones. It was June 16th. So we decided to go and check it out and see what all the fuss was about. 

The store was packed. I mean absolutely packed. I have never seen it that packed. There were some places that were body to body of people, like in the perfume section. Every perfume and cologne was 30-60% off. I went around smelling a bunch of different ones, but then they all ended up smelling the same after a while, and a headache started coming on, so we had to get out of there. Nate agreed. He actually can't stand smelly stuff at all. 

Pretty much every section of the store had some kind of sale going on. Some sections more than others. Clothes, shoes, purses, everything. The huge chocolate room was "Buy 2 get 1 free," on their boxes of chocolates. Or some things would be 30% off. All the jams, shortbreads, and candies were on sale. I had to have some self control not to buy everything in sight. We did come home with a box of Neuhaus Belgium chocolates though. Yum. 

Now if you don't know what Harrods is, it is a huge deal here in London. The biggest, most famous shopping store here. It is like Nordstroms times 10. It makes Nordstroms seem super cheap. Super expensive. Like don't even think about buying it because will break your bank type of expensive. So we usually just window shop. So the fact that they were having a sale was a HUGE deal. Now a sale at Harrods doesn't make things necessarily cheap. So a shirt instead of being 500 pounds, it will be like 200 pounds. But at least it is something.

I bought some cute key chains with red double decker buses on them and Big Bens on them. I also got a cute little apron that says Harrods on it and had pictures of London type of things. So cute. 

The biggest surprise though was when we walked out of the store. We heard some music playing and saw this:
 It is a British band called, "Wolf Gang." They are still on the smaller side but they are on their way to becoming a big deal. They open for lots of major groups.

So here was this Harrods double decker bus and there was this band playing at the top. Then there were all these models everywhere wearing the same pin striped suit. They all had a super serious look on their face and never broke character. After each song they would switch positions. They only had 2 positions: Inside the bus sitting and looking straight forward and standing outside the bus looking straight forward. Then there were the models up top with the band holding the umbrellas. They were modeling for the fashion designer, Thom Browne.

There was a large group of people right up front center that were having their own private party. They had drinks and cupcake stands everywhere. The band and fashion show was really for them, but luckily they let us observe from the side.

But the next picture is what I just couldn't believe......what are these models wearing?.....

 What got me the most was their pant bottoms. What the heck is that???? All of these guys were wearing suits with the pants too short for them. Thom Browne supposedly thinks this is the new thing. I hope not. I think it looks ridiculous. I turned to Nate and said, "Well, if your pants get too short, oh well, it will be ok because it is coming into fashion!" I don't think this look would go over to well back at home in the states. :)
Here is Thom Browne himself, wearing his suit pants too short. 
What a fashion statement. 

It was a great way to end our day out shopping. This is what I love about London.....you come across the most fun exciting things just while you are doing nothing. Fun things are everywhere here and you don't ever have to seek them out. They just appear. I love big cities. 

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  1. Capri's for men in a suit setting! Woot! haha Actually the jackets are too short too in the body AND the sleeve. Ridiculous. I wish I had been there for the cupcakes haha