Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Wales Castle Hunting

When something makes the cut to be included on the list as one of the, "World Heritage Sites," you already know that it is worth going to and seeing. Some of the coolest things that we have seen around Europe have been on that exclusive list. 

While we were in Wales, we decided to go castle hunting and check out some of these World Heritage Site Castles that were just a small drive away from us. With Nate driving and a GPS, we can pretty much do anything. So our first stop was Conwy Castle in Northern Wales. Here is a picture of it from the freeway from inside of our car.....
The cool thing about this castle was that the whole castle surrounded the town and the town was enclosed by the castle walls. You could walk around the whole town while still staying on the castle!
Pretty much every castle that we have been to has these little tall narrow openings around them. They are for defense and protecting the castle and city. The soldiers would stand in these little areas and put their bow and arrow through the hole to shoot at the enemy that was attacking them. Here is a picture of Nate pretending to shoot people with his "bow and arrow" umbrella.

Next is a picture of my cute parents on the castle wall. They were troopers and good climbers too up all the narrow circular staircases.........

The drawbridge with a moat that flowed into the ocean. How cool is that?
After our time spent here, we roamed around the town and got ourselves some fish and chips! We found two shops that both claimed to have award winning, best voted fish and chips, so we got one from each so that we could test them ourselves.
The 2nd castle that we went to in Wales was called the Caernarfon castle. It was raining really hard this day so I didn't get many pictures! What is cool about this castle though is that Prince Charles, the Queen's son, had his coronation here where he became the Prince of Wales. It all happened on this grass area that is right behind me.
After our castle journey, we wanted to head somewhere dry mainly....but also to get some lunch. What better place to head than an English pub. It was recommended to us by the gift shop cashier at the castle. It was pretty good food, but we laughed at the inappropriate-ness of the name. It was called, "The Black Boy." On the pub sign was a picture of a little black boy. Odd. But good food.

Later in Chester, we ate at the top voted restaurant in the area called, "The Upstairs Grill." They are famous for their steaks. I snapped a couple of pictures. The picture on the left is of the bread, but the cool part is what is holding the butter for the bread....bones. The picture on the right is of my chicken meal with a little pot pie on the side. Yum!

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