Saturday, June 23, 2012

More Youngs Having Fun in London

After being in Wales for a few days, we hopped on the train and got back to London on Saturday night. My family was here for 4 more days and we completely wore them out! I wanted to make sure that they could see everything that there was to see in the short time that they were here. So here are some pictures of the last few days of their trip......

-Tayyabs- Pakistani Food- So spicy yet so good!

-Cafe 338- A highly rated breakfast place on Urbanspoon- We got some good old fashioned English breakfasts! This usually consists of sunny side eggs, rye toast, baked beans, grilled tomatoes, grilled mushrooms, sausage, rashers (like bacon but more like ham) and black and white pudding. Anna and I got the vegetarian version.... 
-Harrods- We didn't have much time here so they all got to the bottom floor which is the food floor, but we got to taste and look at lots of amazing chocolates, jams, cheeses, and other goodies. Yum! They bought lots of European chocolate to take home to share with the family. 
-Hamley's- A 5 story toy store, probably the coolest, biggest toy store in the world! The best part is the gummy candy section on the top floor where you fill up a cup full of all kinds of gummies as full as you can get it for only 4 pounds!
-Lion King- My favorite show on earth! Nate didn't spend as much time with us these last few days because he was at home stuck studying for a test. Sad. It wasn't the same without him. But Lion King was amazing. Anna and I had box seats, on the opposite side that Nate and I sat in last time, and Mom and Dad had center middle seats. Everyone loved it! Here is Anna and I before the show waiting anxiously for it to start......

-The Royal Mews- We took a tour of the Queen's carriages and horses that stay in the back of Buckingham Palace.
-Big Ben, The Houses of Parliament-
-A Black Cab Taxi Ride- Anna was very excited for this! :)
-Matilda- Anna and I got there that morning at 8:10 and there were already 5 people in line ahead of us. The first 8 people in line get 5 pound seats, so we barely made it. We waited for almost 2 hours and then got our tickets. Mom and Dad used the tickets while Anna and I went off and played at Portobello Road in Notting Hill. Dad said this was his favorite show that he saw in London!
-Portobello Market- The finest market in London!
-Mom and Dad Riding the Tube!-
-Windsor Castle- The Queen's summer residence. They had a great display for her Diamond Jubilee, celebrating her 60 years as being Queen. They had 60 pictures of her life for each year of her reign.

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