Sunday, June 24, 2012

Hamlet at The Globe Theater

My favorite thing about living in London this past year is all the theater that we can see for so cheap so easily. I absolutely love that. So when my family was here, I wanted them to be able to share in the London theater experience too and enjoy the shows that I have enjoyed watching. When they were here they saw Shrek, Matilda, Lion King, Wicked, Mousetrap, and Hamlet and The Globe Theater. 

The Globe Theater is an amazing place. The original theater venue was built in 1599 by Shakespeare's Playing Company but it was later destroyed by a fire in 1613. A second and almost identical building was built in 1614 and then closed later in 1642. The one that stands today was built in 1997 and is an almost exact replica of the original theater built in 1599. 

There is no roof on the building! They still hold shows when it is raining, which would suck for the people that are standing. The standing seats are only 5 pounds a person! So cheap. We got side view seats for 15 pounds a person which was still a steal deal. Our view wasn't that great but it wasn't horrible either. It was just really entertaining to be the theater and to experience and watch the real Shakespeare experience!

Now I am not the biggest fan of Shakespeare by any means. I always had a hard time understanding what they were trying to say and wishing that they would just talk in normal English so I could understand. But I did enjoy a few of his plays and found value in the others. I have always wanted to visit The Globe Theater in London since we moved here just so I could see what it was all about. I know that Shakespeare was a really talented guy and I wanted to check it out and see if my love for him and his work could grow. 

Here are some pictures of the theater from the inside.
So I am sitting there "enjoying" the play the best that I could. Sitting from the side wasn't the best idea because we missed a lot of it. But it was still entertaining. Then I look over to my left and I see something. A navy coated homeless person sitting next to my sister Anna. Then I realize that it is my mother! I guess she wasn't enjoying Hamlet that is a picture so you can see what I mean......

A closer view......
Yes, this is my mother. She decided that sleeping would be a better use of her time than sitting up straight and enjoying Hamlet at The Globe Theater. The funny part about this is the hood and how it completely covers up her whole face. She really does look homeless! Or maybe like a teenager that is bored in church who is leaning their head against the pew in front of them to take "a rest." Whatever she is doing, I couldn't stop laughing! When I showed my family afterwards, and mom too, we all couldn't stop laughing. If fact, for the rest of the week we were laughing about it. And I am still laughing as I am writing this post. My funny mother.

Hamlet is just not her thing. She LOVED Lion King and Wicked and sat wide eyed, sitting up straight the entire time. Bravo mom. Matilda, Shrek, and Mousetrap she did pretty well. Just a few slips into slumber here and there. I'll get her the benefit of the doubt....she was totally worn out from all the walking and also from the jet lag. It was messing with her.

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