Sunday, June 10, 2012

Family Visiting + London= Great Memories!

I love living in London but there are times when I really get homesick for my family. Using Facetime to talk to them makes things better but sometimes you just wish that you could see them face to face in person instead of through an Iphone screen.  

I have been anticipating the arrival of my parents and sister since we booked their airplane flights a few months ago. They finally flew in on June 3rd super early in the morning. Nate and I rented a car and went and picked them up at the airport. It was so good to see them!

We have been doing many fun things and staying super busy so I have kind of been slacking on my blog recently.....but I thought I would update you with a few pictures that we have taken so far on their trip. I think we have been having a little too much fun. :)

-Laduree at Covent Gardens-
We went in for some hot cocoa and pastries and they were divine. Laduree never disappoints me! And of course we got some macaroons to go.......It was their first time trying them and they loved them!
 -A View of the River Thames and Some of the City-
 -Tower Bridge-
 -The Tower of London-
 -Afternoon Tea at The Athenaeum Hotel-
What a fun little afternoon this was. We got to lounge around in these comfy couches for 2 hours while they brought out different courses and pampered us with finger sandwiches, scones and crumpets with jams and clotted cream, desserts and pastries and their hot cocoa and herbal teas. Yum!
 -The British Museum-
I think that my dad was the most excited about going to this museum. He was fascinated by the Rosetta Stone especially and asked me to take his picture by it. He never requests pictures. :) When I asked him what part of the museum he wanted to go to first, after listing off some of the different sections, he said without hesitation, "Egypt!" He was very excited to explore through the Egyptian section. After we were done, Dad got a Rosetta Stone tie to take home with him.
-Riding the Tube-
 -Pierre Herme French Macarons-
These are the best little treats ever! Some of the flavors we tried that day were chocolate passion fruit, chocolate carmel, cherry pistachio cinnamon, vanilla bean, and salted carmel. So good. I think my family is hooked just like Nate and I.
Stay tuned for my pictures and stories to come! :)

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