Saturday, June 16, 2012

Family History Work in Wales

After about four days of being in London, my family and I headed off to Wales for a few days. Like I said in the previous post, my mom is very much into family history work. She is working on her dad's family line and they are all from Wales. So she really wanted to travel to Wales to see where all these people lived that she has come to know through her research. 

Getting there was a bit tricky......we missed our train by 2 minutes. We didn't leave the house soon enough! So after running and hurrying as fast as we could, we finally got there but found out that we had just missed it. But luckily we were able to catch the next train that left 30 minutes later and we sat in first class because those were the only seats left. So it all worked out! They treated us well with free lunch and everything. 
 After arriving in Chester, we rented a car so that we had easy access and freedom to drive from town to town as we pleased. My mom would decide what town she wanted to visit and then we would drive there and explore around. We would also find old churches and see if there were any cemeteries  around them that we could walk through to find our ancestors burial sites. My mom knew what town each ancestor died in so she would tell us what names to look for. We mostly looked for Simons and Parrys.
Some of the grave sites that we found were really overgrown! We could barely walk through them! There were rabbit holes and ditches. A frog hopped right by my feet in one of them and completely startled me to death. All I could think about is how my sister Mindy would be dieing if she were here because she is completely terrified of frogs! I am not as terrified as her but I don't like them hopping around my feet. Sick!
 There were lots of beautiful sites in Wales and everything was so green! It was very peaceful. I thought this picture captures a lot of what we saw while we were there with all the sheep in the background and the rolling hills. Gorgeous.

The sheep were everywhere and their fields didn't have any fences to keep them in! The sheep were allowed to roam freely even across the busy roads. I am surprised they don't get hit. 
 This was a hidden beautiful cemetery that we came across unexpectedly. It was completely deserted and the graves were so old. We could barely even read any of them. But it was pretty in there. It was like we came across this secret garden.
We didn't ever find any graves that we were looking for because most of the graves that were in the time period that we were looking for were unreadable and had moss grown all over them. The only readable ones were the newer ones. But we still had fun and had lots of family time together. Plus, my mom got a feel for where these people lived which made her more excited to continue with her family history work when she got home. 

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