Monday, June 11, 2012

A Day Out With Thomas

My mom is passionate about many things in life. She loves her family, her grand kids, her friends, her phone, her computer, a clean house, healthy weight watchers food, the gospel, sewing, cooking, dipping chocolates, crab meat, ruby red grapefruit, creme brulee, politics, the news, American Idol, Bachelor........

But her new love is something that she is EXTREMELY passionate about and if you know her at all, I am sure that she has talked to you about it at some point. 

Family History Work. 

My mom loves researching about her family and filling in her family tree. She loves learning about her ancestors, where they lived and what they did for work. She loves feeling that connection with them. Recently, my mom has been working on her dad's ancestry, the Simon line. They have a Welsh background. So my mom's dream has been to go to Wales and visit the little towns where they were born, lived, and were buried. 

So after being in London for a few days, we headed off to Wales. We actually stayed in a small English town called Chester. It was just a short drive to the border of Wales and England. 

I will do another post later about the towns that we visited but first I wanted to share my favorite thing that we did while in Wales.

We rode an old fashioned steam train! That is why the title of my post is called, "A Day Out With Thomas." This is one of the top tourist attractions that people participate in when traveling to Wales. 
 This was so cool to me! They actually use coal to run the train! 
And I thought they only did this in movies and books in the olden days...... :) 
 Aren't my parents so cute?
 We felt like we were in Harry Potter, with the platforms and the little rooms on the train that you sit in. The train driver even yelled out in a loud voice, "All Aboard!" when we were ready to leave the station. 

The steam was so thick! Here is a picture of Nate's head popping out the window while the train is moving that shows the steam in the background......

 We saw really cute views from the train like this one. We saw tons of old towns, rolling hills, little rivers with bridges over the top of them, small churches, lots of sheep, cows, was beautiful. 
Everything was so green!
 Waiting for my train at the old train station.
If you look closely, you can see my face in the window. Nate always comes up with cool picture ideas. 
We had such a fun day out with Thomas. The train drove us out for about 7 miles, then we had a short half hour break to walk around a bit, then back again. It was such a fun experience that I will never forget. 

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