Monday, May 21, 2012

What I See Around London.....

I have a pretty nice camera and that is what I usually use to take pictures with. But I am so glad that I have a decent camera in my Iphone for the days that I don't have my regular camera handy and ready to take a picture at a moments notice. With my Iphone camera, I am easily able to pull it out and quickly snap pictures when I see something funny, interesting, unusual, or just plain odd. This happens often in London. :)

Here are some things that I have seen around London lately.....

1. These two pictures are shot right from our bedroom window. Seeing horses in London is a usual occurrence, but horses pulling carriages full of people isn't that usual. I could hear them trotting down the street, so I opened my window and this is what I saw. 
 2. Pancakes that are pre-made in packages. Maybe you don't, but I find this kind of funny. People here don't make pancakes on their own griddles. They buy them pre-packaged and heat them up. This is really the only way that you can find regular old American pancakes. At restaurants when you order pancakes, they bring you out a plate of crepes.
 3. People are going wild here for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. You can tell by this next picture.....
It is what everyone is talking about and you find evidences of it in the stores and on the streets. This flag display goes down Oxford Street where all the main shopping is.
 4. So I don't really know what was happening but I was just walking down the Strand waiting for my bus when I saw this. There were a ton of people dressed up as Papa Smurf! Their faces were painted and everything! There were hundreds of them and they just kept coming and coming. They were chanting and yelling stuff. Weird.
 5. Wooden Escalators. I know this isn't that cool but I had never seen wooden escalators until this day. Most of them are metal but not these. This was in an old tube station in London that is in the outskirts of the city and not used much. I guess they never changed their escalator design?
 6. Does anyone else think this is weird? I am not trying to be mean here, but she is representing Dove as a model for their company. The sign says, "The Dove lotion with nutrients that last 10 days." The ad is fine and everything but look at the girl. Notice what I noticed? Her teeth. This model has a huge gap between her two front teeth. If this was on a normal person it wouldn't have even crossed my mind, but when I see it on a girl model on a huge poster in the tube, I was surprised. That is England for you. They don't pay as much attention to beautiful teeth as Americans do. You would never see this girl being a model in America! Her teeth would get her cut in the first audition!

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  1. Mind the Gap... Parted smiles are high fashion now.