Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Some Great Food With a Great Friend

The night after Nate and I got home from our France trip, my dear friend Scott Delporte was in London for a work related trip. His wife Jean was planning on coming too, but couldn't make it this time because of the sudden death of her Father. We missed seeing her but still had a fun time with Scott.

We went out to dinner at a really nice Thai restaurant called, "The Blue Elephant." It was the fanciest Thai restaurant that I have ever eaten at. Scott spoiled us silly with fancy drinks, appetizers, main dishes and dessert. We were stuffed and it was all so good! Plus the service was amazing.

I met Scott when I was serving as a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints in Lebanon, New Hampshire. My companion, Sister Ross, and I were on our way to a dinner appointment but  we were a tad early and had some extra time. So we decided to use it wisely and do some tracting. So glad that we did. We started knocking doors so we could share our message with them. We knocked the first house and the lady was not interested telling us to go away. We walked a ways up and got to the 2nd house. There was a really long driveway so we started to walk up it. It was in January and was absolutely freezing outside so we had to be careful not to slip on the ice. New Hampshire winters are brutal! Sister Ross and I were bundled up in pretty much every warm clothing item that we owned to conquer the cold weather. I was suffering with a cold at the time as well which made me talk with a hoarse sounding voice.

We approached the house and knocked. A nice man came down and started talking with us. He said that right before we knocked that he was actually studying up in his kitchen about God and the Trinity. He said that he had a lot of questions about it and lots of thoughts on the topic. He invited us to come in out of the cold but his wife Jean wasn't home so we couldn't go in. Mission rules. So instead, Scott went and got his coat and stood outside with us. So nice of him. We had a half hour conversation at his door step about the nature of God, the prophet Joseph Smith and how he restored  Christ's gospel to the earth. We told him there was a prophet on the earth again that speaks with God named Thomas S. Monson. He was fascinated by everything we said. He had a belief in God and grew up growing to church but didn't go in his adult years. He said his wife was Catholic. We had to run to our dinner appointment (we were late as it was) so he said we could come back again and teach him and his wife together. We made an appointment for that week and were so excited!

We taught Scott and Jean until the end of April, and at the beginning of May, they were baptized. It was the most amazing day. The week after their baptism, my mission ended and I returned home. What an amazing and touching way to end my mission. Scott and Jean are such amazing people who live the gospel fully each day. They are my example and I love both of them so much. I feel so blessed to be the one who taught them the gospel and to witness their conversion step by step, lesson by lesson, for myself.

I always look forward to seeing them when they come to visit London. I wish we lived closer in the states so that our visits didn't have to be so far apart from each other. But I will take what I can get. :) Love you both!

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  1. I remember hearing all about this amazing couple from you...and I loved hearing their story again! Love you sister!