Monday, May 7, 2012

A Quick Evening in Italy

So after seeing Monaco we decided to do something a little on the crazy side. After you drive out of Monaco, you drive through a small bit of France, and then you are into another country.....ITALY. We only had about 4 hours left until we had to return our rental car to the Nice airport. Nate was craving some authentic Italian we decided to drive to Italy for the evening before our flight out that night. It was a memorable few hours. Of course none of the really cool parts of Italy are on the border of France, so we just drove to the first real town in Italy that we could find called, Ventimiglia.
So we first had to find a place to park. This was tricky because there weren't many spots left and we can't read Italian to know how much to pay or what the parking rules were. But Nate finally found and figured out how to pay for it and we were all good. Then, we ran over to the coast and took a quick picture of the ocean. Then we ran back to the center of town and went pizzeria shop hunting.....

Well, we came to Italy at the wrong time I guess. All the pizza places were closed! We were there around 5PM and most of them are only open for lunch and then for dinner with a break in between from about 5-7. So we were there during that break. Dang it. But we were determined to find something that was open that could give us some good Italian food. We weren't leaving without it. :) So we were literally sprinting around the streets looking for a pizza place. We saw a cute little pasta making shop with these Italian ladies making homemade pasta right there in front of you. It was way cute. But no pizzeria....

So after a long run up and down all the streets, we found a place open and decided to go there. They didn't have pizza but they had the 2nd best thing, brushcetta. It was as good as we could get. Now bruschetta is no pizza, but it is still good. It was pretty much a pizza but on top of toast instead of pizza dough. The workers didn't speak an English whatsoever. We didn't speak any Italian. We were laughing about it because we realized that the only word that we knew in Italian was thank you, "Gratzi." Period.

So we walked into this shop and just stood there in silence staring at them. We were the only ones there except for an old man. We pointed to the bruschetta pictures that we wanted. We got a coke and a peach drink. After she brought them out, we probably looked so funny because we scarfed the bruschettas down, super fast, like American fast food type of fast. She probably thought we were super duper hungry! But we were really just in a hurry and had to head back to our car. We paid and left. We were satisfied that after this meal we set a new record: Breakfast-France, Lunch-Monaco, Dinner-Italy. :) I guess you could say we are country meal hoppers.
 On the way running to our car, we ran into a gelato place. Of course we had to stop. We still had some time to spare. It was so cheap! I can't believe how cheap ice cream is in Italy. The lady spoke a tiny bit of English so that was helpful. We ordered and were beaming that we get to eat some Italian gelato. I got panna cotta, and carmel. Then I really wanted a picture so I asked the lady that rang us out for a picture. She gave me the weirdest look like we were crazy. I started laughing so hard because it was the funniest situation. It was just this small random ice cream shop in a small random town in Italy. Nothing touristy or cool at all. And here we were wanting a picture with our ice creams. It was hilarious. She awkwardly took our picture and then we left and sprinted to the car while licking our ice cream cones. I was laughing out loud the whole way!
It was definitely a memorable that I will never forget. I love how spontaneous Nate is and how he is always up for an adventure. It is fun doing this crazy types of things while we are young, healthy and kid-free. Thank you Italy for letting us come and visit you if only it was for a short time. :) We will be back again soon to eat some of your real Italian pizza.....

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