Saturday, May 26, 2012

One Of My Favorite Nights!

One of my favorite things about London is all the free stuff that happens right around the corner from our house. It has been my favorite thing living right by Trafalgar Square and going to all the events that take place there. There is just so much cool stuff to see and do! There really is never a bored moment.

Last Thursday, Nate and I went to Trafalgar Square and watched the opera, "La Boheme," on a big outdoor live screen. The Royal Opera House broad casted it live from their theatre! So we were sitting there watching it for free the same time that the people in the theatre were watching it after paying lots of money. It was sweet.

It was seriously one of my favorite nights in London, yet it was so simple. It was just perfect though......good weather, eating Pret a Manger toasted sandwiches and hot cocoas, snuggling up with Nate, and watching a professional opera from the Royal Opera House right in our front yard! They even supplied us with blow up pads to sit on since we were sitting on the ground.

They are showing another opera this Wednesday and I can't wait to go again. These simple moments are what I will miss most about living in a city like London!

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