Sunday, May 6, 2012


During our last day at Nice, France, we decided to take a little drive and explore around the coast of France. Wow, it was gorgeous. Some of the prettiest most picturesque views and scenery we have ever seen! The first three photos below are of a little town called Villefranche. It was breathtaking. We pulled over and parked our car so we could take some pictures. Aren't the different colors in the water beautiful?

We then kept on driving until we reached Monaco. Monaco is its own little country right on the coast of France. It is surrounded by France on all 3 sides. It is known to be the richest country in the world and also "the playground for the rich and famous." We were there on a bright sunny day and had a blast. We first got some delicious ice cream cones and sandwiches and then saw the Casino de Monte-Carlo......
Nate was really excited to drive on the roads in Monaco because it is the race track for the Grands Prix de Monaco Formula 1 race. They clear off all the streets and make them into the official race track. It is a huge deal there and is listed on the "50 things you must see before you die" list. They were setting up for it while we were there and putting signs and bleachers. Nate was also loving all the expensive nice cars that were on the roads everywhere. He was in heaven.
This is the Prince's Palace in Monaco. We took a tour through it and listened to the history of it through an audio guide. Interesting how Monaco got started through a man dressing up as a monk for a disguise and then killing a bunch of people so he could take over the kingdom. His ancestors are the royal family there today. It was also fun learning about the famous actress, Grace Kelly, and how she moved to Monaco to marry the prince and become their princess. This must be every girls' dream! Her tragic death was very sad, where she had a stroke while driving and got into a car accident in her 50's.
So ya, the people in Monaco have a tad bit of money. Probably more than they know what to do with. There were so many nice house boats that were docked and we had fun looking at them. Some of them were bigger than most peoples normal houses! This one was one of the grandest with their own helicopter strapped to the top! Down below they also had 2 boats, one for fishing and one for wake boarding, and then a couple jet skis. They have the life.
This is my last pastry that I had while visiting France. Sad. It was filled with fresh raspberries, had a cheesecake layer and polka-dotted cake on the bottom. So cute and delicious.
Here is a license plate from Monaco. I thought it looked pretty cool. We had a great time visiting here and exploring around a bit. Glad we got the chance to see it and have a little fun in this country!

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  1. Wow this place is gorgeous! I'd love to go there someday! The water is so blue! And your hair looks adorable by the way!