Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Last Bits of our Trip

I found these last pictures and realized that I never included them in any of my posts from my trip. So here is a separate post to write some last thoughts about our trip. The picture above is of Pierre, Nate and I and Carole the night before we left. They were so good to us during our week long stay with them. We couldn't have been treated any better. We will miss them dearly and hope that we can see each other again.
The night before we left Montech, the Fayols took us to Toulouse. We went on a tour of Toulouse with Laura, a friend from there. She was so knowledgeable about the whole town and knew so much. She kindly gave us a tour and showed us around. Then we all met up for dinner and had some yummy French food. I ordered an amazing salad with roasted peppers and artichokes. Nate ordered duck and said it was the best meal of the entire trip for him. He loved it. I also tried a small piece of Foie Gras at this restaurant. We had a great time together visiting and enjoying our yummy meal.
Dessert was the best part.....it always is isn't it? I really wanted to get some ice cream. All the sundaes were the same price so I picked out the one that looked the best. After I ordered it the waitress smiled and said some comment in French. Then they translated and said, "She said you ordered the biggest one!" Oh well.
When she brought it out, it felt like the whole restaurant was looking at me. It was huge! Way bigger than anyone elses desserts at my table. That is the American in me I guess. What can I say? I am proud to be an American! :)  It was so good too. The ice cream flavors were chocolate orange, white chocolate, dark chocolate, chocolate mint, and milk chocolate. Hit the spot. :)

Here is a picture of me with my excited face holding my humongous ice cream sundae......

Looking through my pictures, I realized I never posted about this yummy piece of heaven that we got in Southern France. It was my all time favorite dessert during the whole 3 week trip so I just had to share it. It was a raspberry creme brulee dessert. It had layers of creme brulee filling, fresh raspberries, and moist vanilla cake. Then the top was what made it so good. It had sugar on top that was caramelized like in real creme brulee. Absolutely amazing. I want to try and copy this sometime and make it!
This is our last picture from our trip on the airplane ride coming home. We were sad to leave this dream life of traveling, eating, site seeing, no responsibility....but glad to get home back to London and start up our normal life again. And really we had nothing to complain about.....coming home to London. That is pretty much another vacation in itself! We know we are so blessed and yes, very spoiled, that we get these amazing opportunities! Hope you had fun sharing in our adventures with us!

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