Sunday, May 20, 2012

A Heavenly Sweet Shop

Ever since we have moved to London, I have had my eye on this shop. It isn't just any type of shop. There are shops that sell cupcakes. There are shops that sell ice cream. And there are shops that sell pastries. But this shop is unique, and that is probably why my eye has been drawn to it for about 7 months. 

 Even though I walk right by it everyday going to and from places, I have never bought anything there. I have had a couple samples here and there, but never took the time to actually go in. I just kept putting it off. Then a couple days ago, I walked by this heavenly shop and saw a big sign outside that read, "Buy 2, Get 1 Free." When I made my London bucket list, this shop of course made the cut, so I knew that I was going to try it eventually. Then when I saw the sign, I decided that today was the day. 

You are probably wondering what kind of shop this is.....well, here is a picture of the outside....see if you can guess. 

The shop is called, "Chewy Junior," and they are unique because they sell cream puffs. Yes, cream puffs. They look like donuts that are filled and topped with different things, but they are really cream puffs. I got a peanut butter filled one with peanuts on top, a chocolate filled one with white chocolate crunch balls on top, and an original vanilla filled one that was dusted with powdered sugar. Here is a picture of the three heavenly creations.......

Cute huh? But how did they taste.....So if you are wondering....they actually tasted a lot different then a regular cream puff. Cream puffs are kind of flaky and egg-like, and you can bite easily into it. These things were more chewy on the outside. You could barely even cut them in half without crushing the whole thing because they were so chewy. I guess that's how they got the name, "Chewy Junior." But they were quite good. Maybe not as good as I had expected but still quite tasty. Because they were so different than any other dessert, they kind of fascinated me and I think that is why they stay in business. Not because people want to eat them all the time because they are so good, but because everyone is curious to try them at least once while visiting London.

So mission accomplished. One more thing checked off my London bucket list.

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