Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Golden Tours Bus Trip #2

My last post was entitled, "Golden Tours Bus Trip 1," where I shared our bus journey to Hampton Court Palace, Stonehenge, and The Roman Baths. Well, the Saturday after that one, Nate and I did another bus trip around England with the same company through another Living Social Deal. Yay for Living Social! We went to three different places.......

The first place was my favorite. Even though I am a bit "castle-d" out from living in Europe this past year and seeing so many castles, (I never thought I would say that....ever) this one still intrigued me. I would probably say that it is my favorite castle that I have seen yet! It is called, "Leed's Castle." Here are some shots below that might explain why it is my favorite. 
It was absolutely gorgeous! I think what made it so amazing and different than other castles that we have been through throughout Europe was the water surrounding the castle. I felt like I should have bought and worn a princess dress and done my hair up with a tiara or something, because it was just so gorgeous and fairy-tale like. The weather was perfect too which made it extra nice. And they had a cute little ice cream shop that we enjoyed double scooped ice cream cones at after our tour as we walked around the castle gardens.

Here are some of my favorite shots from the inside:
Can you imagine having Christmas dinner here??? :) What a feast!
This reminded me of the library in the Disney movie, Beauty and the Beast. There were so many old books!
What a gorgeous little dining room full of antiques!
This is a view from one of the windows from the castle. There is a golf course right outside of the castle that people still golf on. I am not sure if it is technically on the castle grounds or not but it was literally surrounding the castle.

Our second stop was a cute little town called, Canterbury.It is very old and has a quaint small town feel to it but with a British flair.......
The tour group toured the cathedral there that is very well known and a huge tourist attraction when going to Canterbury, but Nate and I decided to pass. We have seen so many cathedrals this past year and we didn't feel like paying money to go look at another one. I am sure that it was completely gorgeous on the inside but still, I could probably imagine what it looks like. So we just explored through the town instead and met up with our group later. 
The entrance gate to the Cathedral. You couldn't even see the actual building from the road!
Eating lunch at Nando's.

Our third and final stop of the day was at the Cliffs of Dover. So, I didn't think that this was that great honestly, but supposedly it is a big place to go and visit. Maybe we missed something...But it just seemed like a mountain with some cliffs that are white, nothing that I haven't seen before. But then Nate explained that back in the day, this was a huge deal because it was where everyone had to come and go to travel to and from Europe. They would travel to here and load a boat to sail over to the European countries. As well, the boats sailing into England would sail to this point, see the white cliffs, and know that they were at the right place.
We didn't go inside, but we saw The Dover Castle up on the hill right by the cliffs.
Amazing how castles are just so common here.

And that was the end of our 2nd English bus tour. :)


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