Monday, May 28, 2012

Golden Tours Bus Trip #1

One thing that Nate is really good at, of many many things, is finding good deals online. He is constantly looking on Slick Deals, Living Social, Groupon, and any other site that offers a deal that will save him some money. 

On Living Social, he found a great deal for the Golden Bus Tours around England. They offer many different tours that go around lots of different places by bus. So we bought two tours for two different Saturdays for half price! Our tour guide was very kind. He was an older cute British man. They picked us up right by our house which made it very convenient for us. 

The tour included three different places to stop at. The first stop was, Hampton Court Palace, one of the many royal palaces around England.
There was so much history to this building, some that isn't so pleasant. Like older kings marrying young 14 year old girls and then the girls being caught with their younger lovers leading them to be killed by having their heads chopped off. Very gruesome but very interesting. The best part about this palace was the beautiful gardens. They were immaculate and so well kept. They were very similar to the gardens at, The Palace of Versailles, in France, but on a lower scale. 

A royal toilet! I thought this was humorous and just had to snap a picture. Even their toilet seats that they sat on were made out of velvet! Now that is living a royal life.

The second place that we went to was Stonehenge. It is a prehistoric monument that archaeologists think was constructed around 3000 to 2000 B.C. Here is a picture of it......

No one really knows why these ancient people made this or what it was used for in their day. There are many speculations about it though that some researchers have come up with. Some say it was their place of worship, like an ancient temple of some sort. Some say it was a memorial burial spot for their deceased loved ones. The stone that it was made from was originally found in Wales so the people that made this had to have dragged these stones over 150 miles to get it to this location. That was very hard back then so it must have been a very important building!

Here is what it originally looked like they suspect, before it was destroyed by weather, humans and other things.

Our third and final stop was in a small English town called, Bath. At Bath, we visited an ancient Roman building called, The Roman Baths. It is now a museum.
The Romans found this place and saw it as a gift from God. All the water that you see here is natural hot springs and when they found it, they built this building around it. People used to come here for healing because they believed that if they bathed in it they would be healed for all sicknesses and diseases. Or they would come here seeking revelation and answers to their problems. It was believed that after soaking in this holy water, that you would be given answers to your questions.

It was actually quite big, I was surprised! And very very warm. This used to be the only thing really in this town, but now there is quite a big town here as well with shops and restaurants. It got its name after this ancient building, the town of Bath. No one is allowed to bathe in it now. It is for spectators and visitors to tour through and to visit the museum. At the end of the tour, they allowed you to drink some of the water. I took a little sip but it was really warm, and the temperature as well as the whole idea of it kind of grossed me out, so I emptied out the rest of my cup into the drain.


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