Friday, May 11, 2012

Funny Teaching Stories

Here are some funny stories from some of my recent days of 
teaching in London:

1. At lunch time, 3 little boys in 1st Grade at Southbank were arguing about something. They were getting pretty loud so I went over to see what the fuss was. One little boy saw me coming and said, "Mrs. Hembree, they keep saying a bad word and I tell them to stop but they keep saying it." The other 2 boys said, "It ISN'T a bad word! We keep telling you that, it isn't a bad word." I say, "Well, what word are you saying?" They say, "Sexy." I smile to myself and reply, "Well, you are right. It isn't a bad word, but you probably shouldn't be talking about it at school."

2. I had playground duty one day while teaching a Year 3 class, (2nd Grade). I am just standing there watching the children when a group of girls comes running up to me. They say, "Um.....see that boy over there, well....we really likes you and wants to go out with you." Then they run away. I can see them laughing and whispering and talking with the boy and some other girls. Then they run up to be again and say, "He wants to know if you will go out with him." (I can see the boy hiding.) I say, "Well, first of all, I am already married. (I show them my ring.) And, plus, I am 25, so I don't think the age difference would have worked out to well anyway." They look shocked and say, "You are 25????" Then they run away laughing and tell the boy the news. They acted like they couldn't believe I was that old and like they thought I was younger and thought maybe I would consider going out with him.

3. A little 4 year old girl in Early Years at Southbank is sitting down, backpack on, waiting for her mom to come and pick her up. I was waiting with her. She whispers to me to come here. She then starts talking to me face to face, wide-eyed, in a quiet tone. She says, "I want to tell you something, but you can't tell anyone, k?" I said ok. (Here I am blogging about it.....but she is only 4 right?) She said, "At night, I turn into a fairy! My wings come out and I can fly! I fly all over my room, and my mom doesn't even know about it." It was so cute. Such an imagination.

Kids really do say and do the funniest things! :)

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  1. That was really well handled with the 'sexy' thing. You're completely right that it isn't a bad word, but kids really shouldn't be saying it. With the LMAO song "I'm Sexy and I Know it" I imagine lots of kids are going to be throwing that word around.

    Kids are just so fun and your stories make me look forward to having one of my own to giggle with.