Thursday, May 24, 2012

Funny LA Fitness Ad

The gym that I teach Zumba at is called LA Fitness. They often have funny signs and sale pitches on posters sitting outside their front door for the pedestrians walking by to see. 
I thought this one was particularly funny.....

What kind of question is this? 
Of course everyone would answer to themselves, "Super hot!" 
I thought it was funny how they have the pictures of the peppers.
The peppers get skinnier and skinnier, and the smaller they get, the hotter, spicer, they get too. 
And they are comparing this with humans.
The smaller we get, the hotter we get too, just like the peppers. 
I have never been compared to a pepper before. :)
I'll never look at these vegetables in the same way again. 

1 comment:

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