Friday, May 18, 2012

Chinese Cuisine at Chinatown

I won't miss some things about London.......the inability to find essential ingredients for a recipe I want to make, the crowded streets full of people that you have to fight through, and the deathly cigarette smoke that I am constantly inhaling.....but I will miss many other things, and the thought of parting from them makes me feel sick inside. 

Here is one thing that I will miss dearly. Well, two things. Our good friends here and interesting cultural food from authentic restaurants. You really can find any type of food in London because it is such a melting pot.

Last Saturday afternoon, some friends and us got together for some Dim Sum in Chinatown at the restaurant, "New World." I have had Chinese food before, but this was a whole new experience. 

It is one of the only few restaurants left in Chinatown that serves the food the old fashioned way.....with the trolleys. There were Chinese people pushing around these carts with tons of different things on them and you just stop them and tell them that you want to try this, or you want to try that. It is like eating a bunch of little Spanish tapas, or a bunch of little appetizer samplers. You get to try lots of different kinds of things in one meal which makes it really fun. 

The gang that went was Kelcey and Mike, Nate and I, Heather and Steven, Steven's uncle Carlos that is visiting from Mexico, Kyla, and two of Kelcey's friends from LSE. Here is a picture of our whole table.....

We ate quite a lot of food. And everything was delicious! We had pot stickers, egg rolls, dumplings, filled rolls, soup, sesame balls, Chinese broccoli, fried good. Everything was cooked perfectly, had amazing flavor, and brought out steaming hot. What a great way to start out our Saturday!

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